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Relaxion and how to detect it   Abhishek Banerjee 2019-09-30
Nonperturbative Phenomena in Self-Interacting Dark Matter   Anirban Das 2019-09-23
Quantum information scrambling and approach to equilibration under multiple quenches   Kumar S Gupta 2019-09-16
EHT and the shadow of the black hole --- A magnificent feat   Indranil Chattopadhyay 2019-09-09
Black Holes in an environment in large $D$   Arunabha Saha 2019-08-22
APS index theorem, Path integral and mock-modularity   Arnab Rudra 2019-08-06
Cosmology in the presence of multiple light moduli   Diptimoy Ghosh 2019-08-05
Integrable and Exactly Solvable models with Balanced Loss and Gain   Debdeep Sinha 2019-06-03
Open quantum theory of two (many-body) entangled atoms in De Sitter Space   Sayantan Choudhury, 2019-05-29
L Q G : an Overview   Madhavan Varadarajan 2019-05-28
Fermiophobic Z-Prime Boson In 221 Model   Agnivo Sarkar 2019-05-17
Towards constructing viable bouncing scenarios   L. SriramKumar 2019-05-06
Degenerate extension of positive and negative mass Schwarzschild geometry   Sandipan Sengupta 2019-04-22
Dark Energy at a Crossroads: Tension with expansion history of the Universe and its possible resolution   Anjan Ananda Sen 2019-03-18
The semi-holographic paradigm and the QGP   Ayan Mukhopadhyay 2019-03-07
TBA   Alexander Soloviev 2019-03-07
Identifying a Z\' behind b -> sll anomalies at LHC with Heavy flavor tagging   Tanmoy Modak 2019-02-04
Was the Dark Matter Cold All Along?   Anirban Das 2019-01-28
Machine learning for string theory and QFT   Harold Erbin 2019-01-24
Crossing symmetry in superstring theory   Harold Erbin 2019-01-23
Lattice QCD calculations of the HVP contribution to muon g-2   Bipasha Chakraborty 2019-01-07
Mixed action QCD with minimally doubled fermion   Dipankar Chakrabarti 2018-12-20
Acoustic Analogue of Gravitational Wave   Satadal Datta 2018-12-14
Perspective of BTZ black hole in Quantum gravity and Cosmology   Supriya Kar 2018-12-06
The Parity-Doublet Model for Strongly-interacting matter   Ayon Mukherjee 2018-11-26
Dark Matter from Freeze-In via the Neutrino Portal   Mathias Becker 2018-11-14
Sterile Neutrinos with Altered Dispersion Relations as an Explanation for the MiniBooNE, LSND, Gallium and Reactor Anomalies   Dominik Doering 2018-11-14
QCD in Large Colour Limit and Topological Skyrme Model with Wess-Zumino Anomaly Term   Afsar Abbas 2018-10-23
Modular Symmetry in Non-Compact Conformal Field Theory   Rajesh Gupta 2018-10-11
QCD thermodynamics within Hard Thermal loop perturbation theory and beyond   Najmul Haque 2018-10-10
Nuclear reactions for astrophysics and for nuclear structure study   Shubchintak 2018-10-09
Constraining certain Higgs couplings at the HL-LHC and beyond.   Shankha Banerjee 2018-10-08
Impact of top quark in Diphoton production from gluon fusion at NLO   Manoj Kumar Mandal 2018-10-04
Next-to-Leading Order: Numerical vs. Analytical   Satyajit Seth 2018-10-03
Gauge Theories - from frustrated magnets to QCD   Debasish Banerjee 2018-09-28
Primordial magnetogenesis and non-Gaussianities   Debika Chowdhury 2018-09-24
Thermalization in q=2 and q=4 Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev(SYK) models   Nilakash Sorokhaibam 2018-09-20
Inflation models in light of cosmic microwave background observations   Sukannya Bhattacharya 2018-09-20
Stable non-Abelian semi-superfluid vortices in high density QCD   Chandrasekhar Chatterjee 2018-08-30
SYK-like models for black hole probe   Swapnamay Mondal 2018-08-09
Soft Theorems in Quantum Field Theory & Quantum Gravity   Ashoke Sen 2018-08-03
Some observations on the bulk aspect of chaos in AdS/CF   Rohan Poojary 2018-08-03
Soft Theorems in Quantum Field Theory & Quantum Gravity   Ashoke Sen 2018-08-02
Soft Theorems in Quantum Field Theory & Quantum Gravity   Ashoke Sen 2018-08-01
Soft Theorems in Quantum Field Theory & Quantum Gravity   Ashoke Sen 2018-07-31
Soft Theorems in Quantum Field Theory & Quantum Gravity   Ashoke Sen 2018-07-30
The Polyakov Bootstrap: Critical exponents without Feynman diagrams   Aninda SInha 2018-07-26
*Non-classical s**pace-time in (loop) quantum gravity*   Suddhasattwa Brahma 2018-07-25
Unintegrated dipole gluon distribution at small transverse momentum.   Nahid Wasim 2018-07-23
Two loop QCD corrections to Z-> bottom + anti-bottom + gluon amplitude.   Maguni Mahakhud 2018-06-25
Constraining Warm Inflation With CMB Data   Mayukh Raj Gangopadhyay 2018-05-08
CFT kinematic space, Entanglement Entropy and RG flows.   Bobby Ezhuthachan 2018-05-03
Action for gravity, possible alternatives and implications   Sumanta Chakraborty 2018-04-23
Dark neutrino interactions make gravitational waves blue   Subhajit Ghosh 2018-03-13
PeV scale Supersymmetry breaking and the IceCube neutrino flux   Vikram Rentala 2018-03-12
On Physical Process First Law   Sudipta Sarkar 2018-02-13
CFT OPE coefficients from modularity   Diptarka Das 2018-02-05
Fermionic mass hierarchy, mirror matter and the fourth family   Gauhar Abbas 2018-01-30
Informal Lecture   Sandipan Kundu 2018-01-18
An infra-red pathway to new structures of the perturbative S-matrix   Dhritiman Nandan 2018-01-17
Causality constraints in quantum field theory   Sandipan Kundu 2018-01-16
CMB vs Large Scale Structures : Tensions and Solutions   Arindam Mazumdar 2018-01-15
Heavy-Lifting of Gauge Theories by Cosmic Inflation   Soubhik Kumar 2018-01-04
Higgs data does not rule out a sequential fourth generation   Ipsita Saha 2018-01-02
Different Facets of PT Symmetry   Avinash Khare 2017-12-14
Entanglement reconstruction of asymptotically AdS metric from conformal field theory   Debajyoti Sarkar 2017-12-14
Applications of M-theory Uplifted Desingularized Conifold Geometries Relevant to Holographic Thermal QCD at Finite Coupling   Karunava Sil 2017-12-13
Confronting LHC data with composite Higgs theories   Nilanjana Kumar 2017-11-13
Higher Order QCD Corrections at Hadron Colliders   Maguni Mahakhud 2017-11-06
Higher order QCD corrections to heavy quark form factors.   Narayan Rana 2017-11-02
Gravitinos, Reheating and the Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry of the Universe   Raghu Rangarajan 2017-10-30
Theoretical investigations in the breakup of exotic nuclei.   Gagandeep Singh 2017-10-24
Theories of The Early Universe in The Era of Precision Cosmology   Mayukh Raj Gangopadhyay 2017-10-23
Cosmic Reionization: What can future CMB experiments tell us?   Anirban Roy 2017-10-16
Non-toric Cones and Chern-Simons Quivers   Dharmesh Jain 2017-09-18
Information and Geometry   Tapobrata Sarkar 2017-09-04
Haldane-Shastry like spin chains with open boundary condition and related vertex models   Bireswar Basu Mallick 2017-08-29
AdS cosmologies and gauge theory correlators   Sudipta Mukherjee 2017-08-28
Entanglement generation and dynamical transition for driven quantum integrable systems.   Krishnendu Sengupta 2017-08-21
Holographic (CFT) reconstruction of local asymptotically AdS   Shubho R. Roy 2017-06-13
Quantum Phases in an SU(2) YM Matrix Model Coupled with Fermions   Mahul Pandey 2017-05-08
Soft Tracks - A probe for New Physics searches at the LHC   Amit Chakraborty 2017-03-28
Understanding Hawking effect in canonical formulation   Golam M Hossain 2017-03-27
False vacua, topological defects and cosmology   Urjit A Yajnik 2017-03-20
RG-flow and black holes in AdS   Shamik Banerjee 2017-03-06
Nobel Prize in Physics 2016   Asit K De 2017-02-16
Low momentum expansion of one loop string amplitudes   Anirban Basu 2017-02-13
A minimal composite Higgs model on lattice   Santanu Mondal 2017-02-09
Relook at the 98 GeV Higgs scenario at the LHC   Dilip Ghosh 2017-02-06
Testing the neutrino mass models at the high energy colliders   Arindam Das 2017-01-31
Initial conditions for inflation: the role of fluctuation-dissipation dynamics   Mar Bastero Gil 2017-01-30
Constraints on the omega-pi form factor from analyticity and unitarity   B. Ananthanarayan 2017-01-23
Connecting holographic complexity to bulk entanglement   Debajyoti Sarkar 2017-01-10
Search for Supersymmetry--Some avenues less explored   Arindam Chatterjee 2017-01-09
Quantum Gravity Phenomenology: Harbingers of Future precision   Arundhati Dasgupta(University of Lethbridge, Canada) 2017-01-02
Glueballs on the Lattice   Avaroth Harindranath 2016-12-29
Combine and Conquer   Satyajit Seth 2016-12-23
A new kind of seniority isomers, and their consequences   Bhoomika Maheshwari 2016-12-13
Theory and Phenomenology of Multi-component Dark Matter in Left-Right Models   Debasish Borah 2016-11-21
Scale Invariance and superfluid turbulence   Koushik Ray 2016-11-07
Field theories on Newton-Cartan space-time   Rudranil Basu 2016-10-24
Solving the problems in MSSM Effective Potential due to Goldstone Bosons   Nilanjana Kumar 2016-10-06
The information hidden in the CMB spectral distortions in Planck maps and beyond   Rishi Khatri 2016-10-03
Isovector splitting of nucleon effective mass in infinite nuclear matter   Jadu Nath De 2016-09-26
Formation of a deconfined state of strongly interacting matter in laboratory   Subhasish Chattopadhyay 2016-09-23
High Energy Scattering in Higher Dimensional Field Theories.   Jnanadeva Maharana 2016-09-15
Electroweak Physics - The Catastrophe of Success   Sreerup Raychaudhuri 2016-09-05
Cosmological Inflation, Primordial Magnetic Fields and their non-Gaussian imprints   Rajeev Kumar Jain 2016-09-02
Aspects of modern cosmology: inflation, gravitational waves and dark matter   Gaurav Goswami 2016-08-29
Beyond Standard Model Physics and its cosmological consequences   Mansi Dhuria 2016-08-22
Complex scaling and residual symmetry in the neutrino mass matrix   Probir Roy 2016-08-08
Thermalization in 1+1 D CFTs and related issues   Ritam Sinha 2016-08-01
Bouncing universes   L. Sriramkumar 2016-07-25
NNLO QCD Corrections to the Drell-Yan Cross Section in TeV-Scale Gravity   Narayan Rana 2016-07-11
Generalized BRST transformation   Bhabani Prasad Mandal 2016-06-06
Prospects of extracting fundamental physics results from gravitational-wave observations.   Archisman Ghosh 2016-05-05
A new Recipe for $\\Lambda$-CDM   Anjan Ananda Sen 2016-04-26
Nonlinear Dynamics of Coupled Arrays of Identical Oscillators   M Lakshmanan 2016-04-21
Quantum group symmetry in integrable spin chains with long-range interactions   Bireswar Basu-Mallick 2016-04-18
Conformal Invariance in Inflation   Nilay Kundu 2016-04-11
Astrophysical signatures of scalar field dark matter in Neutrino and Axion sector   Subinoy Das 2016-04-04
On the Origin of Neutrino Mass and Experimental Searches   Manimala Mitra 2016-03-31
Quark-Gluon Plasma and Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions --An Overview and Recent Advances   Rajeev S. Bhalerao 2016-03-28
Black holes in large dimensions\'   Sayantani Bhattacharyya 2016-03-21
Gravity and Thermodynamics: The Importance of Being Null   Sumanta Chakraborty 2016-03-17
Asymptotic symmetries and Soft theorems   Alok Laddha 2016-03-14
Life of Nu   Uma Sankar 2016-03-07
GW150914: A Binary Black Hole Merger   Rajesh Nayak 2016-03-03
The 750 GeV resonance: A new continent or a false dawn?   Anirban Kundu 2016-02-29
Non-supersymmtric black hole microstates   Amitabh Virmani 2016-02-22
Strings in integrable deformations of AdS5 x S5   Kamal L. Panigrahi 2016-02-15
Anisotropic Hydrodynamics   Michael Strickland 2016-02-10
Cosmology with the redshifted 21-cm line   Somnath Bharadwaj 2016-02-08
Nonthermal Two Component Dark Matter Model for Fermi-LAT gamma-ray excess and 3.55 keV X-ray line   Debasish Majumdar 2016-02-01
(In)Stability of solitons and black holes in Anti-de Sitter   Betti Hartmann 2016-01-18
Grand Unification and Proton Decay:Prospects For Major Discoveries at The Next Generation Detectors   Jogesh C. Pati 2016-01-15
Dipole polarizability, neutron skin and symmetry energy   Xavier Vinas 2016-01-15
Dynamics of Rewired Networks   Sudeshna Sinha 2016-01-04
Hilbert Series and Black Hole Microstate Counting.   Abhishek Chowdhury 2015-12-22
Signatures of quantum gravity in LHC   Soumitra SenGupta 2015-11-23
Aspects of extremal surfaces and entanglement entropy in gauge/gravity dualities   K. Narayan 2015-11-19
Hologram of a pure state (AdS) black hole   Shubho R. Roy 2015-10-14
Restoration of unitarity in anisotropic quantum cosmology   Narayan Banerjee 2015-10-12
Entropy Functionals and Second Law in Curvature Squared Gravity Theories   Srijit Bhattacharya 2015-10-08
Quantum origin to Classical existence : A plausible explanation   Suratna Das 2015-10-01
Baryon and Lepton number violation in nature   Utpal Sarkar 2015-09-29
An Open Ended Story   Kaushik Bhattacharya 2015-09-29
Exact Asymmetric Skyrmion in Anisotropic Ferromagnet Through Generalized Analytic Function   Anjan Kundu 2015-09-23
Higher Spin fluctuations on Lens spaces   Rudranil Basu 2015-09-21
Computing the properties of the quark-gluon plasma   Prasad Hegde 2015-09-10
Some Conceptual Issues in Finite Density QCD   Rajiv V. Gavai 2015-09-07
Quantum Field Theory in Accelerated Frames   Arundhati Dasgupta 2015-09-04
Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity   Sayan Kar 2015-09-03
Different aspects of non-Hermitian quantum theories   Ananya Ghatak 2015-08-31
Low lying Glueball masses from the lattice   Pushan Majumdar 2015-08-27
Holographic instability   Pallab Basu 2015-07-30
Membrane paradigm, total derivative terms and gauge/gravity duality   Sandipan Kundu 2015-07-27
Yang-Baxter and reflection equations: unifying structures behind quantum and classical integrable field theories   Vincent CAUDRELIER 2015-07-22
(A)dS locality and black hole information   Debajyoti Sarkar 2015-07-07
A quasi-local measure of quantum entanglement   Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya 2015-07-06
Rational quantum integrable systems of Dn type with polarized spin reversal operators   Chitralekha Datta 2015-06-10
Thermalization in integrable models and conformal field theories   Gautam Mandal 2015-04-20
Modulational Instability: Ultrashort Pulse and Supercontinuum Generation   K. Porsezian 2015-03-18
Higgs boson production in association with an electroweak vector boson and a jet via gluon-gluon fusion   Ambresh Shivaji 2015-03-02
Torsional instantons in quantum gravity   Sandipan Sengupta 2015-02-18
Isospin Invariant Density Functional Approach to Atomic Nuclei   Javid Sheikh 2015-02-16
Gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking in the light of HIggs discovery   V Suryanarayana Mummidi 2015-01-19
Holographic c theorems   Aninda Sinha 2014-12-22
Natural Standard Model Alignment of the Two Higgs Doublet Model   Bhupal Dev 2014-12-19
The H-bomb   DIPTIMOY GHOSH 2014-12-16
Phase structure of higher spin geometry   Arunabha Saha 2014-12-12
Quark Number Susceptibility and Thermal Dilepton Rate: An effective model study   Sarbani Majumder 2014-12-10
Assumptions, observations and parameter estimations in cosmology   Dhiraj Hazra 2014-10-27
Resolution of Cosmological Singularities in Higher Spin Gravity   Subho R. Roy 2014-09-24
Resummed Transverse Momentum Distribution of the Higgs Bosons : Summing Up a Divergent Series.   Anurag Tripathi 2014-08-11
T-duality and Scattering of Stringy States   Jnanadeva Maharana 2014-06-16
BPS State Counting in N=8 Supersymmetric String Theory for Pure D-brane Configurations   Swapnamay Mondal 2014-06-12
Signature of Gibbons-Hawking temperature in the BICEP2 measurement of gravitational waves   Akhilesh Nautiyal 2014-06-09
New developments in the formulation of relativistic dissipative fluid dynamics   Amaresh Jaishwal 2014-05-06
Asymptotic flatness and quantum geometry   Sandipan Sengupta 2014-04-24
An Exact Expression for a Flat Connection on the Complement of a Torus Knot   V.V. Sreedhar 2014-02-20
Probing Lorentz invariance violation with the IceCube PeV neutrinos   Sovan Chakraborty 2014-01-07
Constraining gravitational interactions in the M theory effective action   Anirban Basu 2013-12-30
Topology Change of Spacetime and Resolution of Spacetime Singularity in Emergent Gravity   Raju Roychowdhury 2013-12-23
W algebra from boundary action of higher spin gravity on AdS   Rudranil Basu 2013-12-11
Astrophysical properties of Bertrand spacetime   Kaushik Bhattacharya 2013-12-10
Giant dipole resonance from phonon-damping model\\\'s strength functions averaged over temperature   Nguyen Dinh Dang 2013-12-09
Topological parameters in classical and quantum gravity   Sandipan Sengupta 2013-11-27
Burgeoning the Higgs mass to 125 GeV   Pritibhajan Byakti 2013-08-30
Nuclear collective states at the mean-field level and beyond   G. Colo 2013-08-29
Simulating Quantum Dynamics of Lattice Gauge Theories   Debasish Banerjee 2013-08-26
Generalized Landau-Silin theory and Boltzman-Vlasov equations for semi-holographic non-Fermi liquids   Ayan Mukhopadhyay 2013-08-12
Strange-matter Matters!   Chhanda Samanta 2013-07-15
Black Hole formation at the Correspondence Point   Debajyoti Sarkar 2013-07-08
Quark-Gluon Plasma and Lattice   Saumen Datta 2013-06-19
Anisotropic Cosmological Solutions   Samrat Bhowmick 2013-04-30
Multi-spin Spiky Strings in Lunun-Maldacena Background   Pratap Kumar Swain 2013-04-29
Exploring Strongly Interacting Matter in PNJL Model   Sarbani Majumder 2013-04-24
Threshold corrections to inclusive jet production at hadron colliders   M C Kumar 2013-03-25
Determination of the Third Neutrino-Mixing Angle theta_(13) and its Implications   D.P. Roy 2013-03-15
Quark and Gluon Angular Momenta Contributions to Nucleon Spin   Mridupawan Deka 2013-02-19
Minimal Flavour Violation with Two Higgs Doublets   M. N. Rebelo 2013-02-13


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