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Estimating the cosmic expansion rate with large-scale-structure correlations of Binary Black Hole mergers: a new perspective towards understanding the   Sayantani Bera 2023-08-31
Time Crystals in Periodically Driven Quantum Systems   Sayan Choudhury 2023-08-29
A de Sitter anecdote: Can sub-leading corrections be consistently ignored?   Dibya Chakraborty 2023-08-24
Machine Learning in Lattice Gauge Theory   Srijit Paul 2023-07-13
Probing origin of neutrino masses through low and high energy processes   Sanjoy Mondal 2023-05-18
Discrete time crystal made of topological edge magnons in Kagome ferromagnet   Dhiman Bhowmick 2023-04-28
Magnetism in 2D flatland: understanding from ab initio theory   Prof. Biplab Sanyal 2023-04-25
Islands and dynamics at the interface   Debarshi Basu 2023-04-13
The 21-cm cosmology   Rajesh Mondal 2023-03-06
Muon g-2: A Lattice Perspective   Srijit Paul 2023-03-02
Going beyond Einstein's theory of Gravitation   Soumitra Sengupta 2023-02-22
Absence of Thermalization, Emergent Conservation laws, and the Statistical Mechanics of Periodically Driven Quantum Matter   Arnab Das 2023-02-16
Topological and dynamical aspects of flows in fluid membranes   Rickmoy Samanta 2023-02-02
Constraining tree-level gravitational scattering   Subham Dutta Chowdhury 2023-01-25
Principle of Holography of Information   Chandramouli Chowdhury 2023-01-24
“Completing the square” in frustrated magnets   Yasir Iqbal 2023-01-20
A study of gravitational memory effects in exact radiative geometries   Indranil Chakraborty 2023-01-19
Magnetised outflows as potential sites of heavy element nucleosynthesis and high-energy neutrinos   Mukul Bhattacharya 2023-01-17
Operator Dynamics beyond Scrambling Time using Krylov Complexity   Ritam Sinha 2023-01-09
Quantized Bubble Nucleation   Titas Chanda 2023-01-05
The three loop four parton scattering in QCD   Amlan Chakraborty 2023-01-03
Disordered QFTs and Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry   Apratim Kaviraj 2022-12-22
The CDF-II anomalous W-boson mass measurement and it's potential new physics explanations   Rahul Srivastava 2022-12-19
Probing quantum phase transition with spread complexity   Kunal Pal 2022-12-13
Time Evolution of Nielsen Complexity under Multiple Quenches   Kuntal Pal 2022-12-09
Fundamental forces and their dynamics   Naresh Dadhich 2022-11-18
Complex Langevin for Complex Actions: IKKT Matrix Model   Anosh Joseph 2022-11-15
A new formalism of unbiased exponential resummation in Lattice QCD at a finite chemical potential   Sabarnya Mitra 2022-10-27
Fock-space recursive Green’s Function for many-fermion correlation functions   Anamitra Mukherjee 2022-10-13
Kite and Triangle diagrams through Symmetries of Feynman Integrals   Subhajit Mazumdar 2022-09-30


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