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Activities of Galactic Nuclei and their Impact on Black Hole's Event Horizon, Host Galaxy, and Beyond   Labani Mallick 2024-04-18
Topological photonics: Novel transport phenomena and topological lasers   Udvas Chattopadhyay 2024-04-12
Galaxies and their Dark Matter halos   Subhabrata Majumdar 2024-03-28
Triplet pairing mechanisms from Hund's-Kondo models - applications to heavy fermion superconductors   Tamaghna Hazra 2024-03-08
Primordial Relics from Inflation: Dark Matter, Dark Radiation and Baryon Asymmetry.   Shiladitya Porey 2024-03-07
Galaxies & their halos - Cosmic laboratories for Dark Matter research   Subhabrata Majumdar 2024-02-01
Emergent strong zero mode through local Floquet engineering   Bhaskar Mukherjee 2024-01-30
Windows to the early universe: PBH and GW   Sukannya Bhattacharya 2024-01-25
Quantum Simulation using Discrete Gauge Groups   Alessandro Mariani 2024-01-18
Atomic and Molecular Calculations Using Quantum Algorithms   Srinivasa Prasannaa 2024-01-12
A Numerical Study of Relativistic Oblique Shock Reflection   Prasanta Bera 2024-01-09
Melting AdS-ice into flatland   Sarthak Duary 2023-12-21
Topological properties of low dimension many-body Hamiltonian   Nisa Ara 2023-12-04
Many-body quantum chaos   Dibyendu Roy 2023-10-30
Mesoscopic quantum systems to detect light matter   Anirban Das 2023-10-17
An Operator growth hypothesis for open quantum systems   Pratik Nandy 2023-10-16
Is kinetic constraint sufficient to generate quantum many-body scars ?   Bhaskar Mukherjee 2023-10-05
Murmuring of the fabric of our Universe   A. Gopakumar 2023-10-03
Strong Hilbert space fragmentation via emergent quantum drums in two dimensions   Arnab Sen 2023-09-29
Estimating the cosmic expansion rate with large-scale-structure correlations of Binary Black Hole mergers: a new perspective towards understanding the   Sayantani Bera 2023-08-31
Time Crystals in Periodically Driven Quantum Systems   Sayan Choudhury 2023-08-29
A de Sitter anecdote: Can sub-leading corrections be consistently ignored?   Dibya Chakraborty 2023-08-24
Stringy effects on bulk causal structure   Animik Ghosh 2023-08-10
Machine Learning in Lattice Gauge Theory   Srijit Paul 2023-07-13
Probing origin of neutrino masses through low and high energy processes   Sanjoy Mondal 2023-05-18
Discrete time crystal made of topological edge magnons in Kagome ferromagnet   Dhiman Bhowmick 2023-04-28
Magnetism in 2D flatland: understanding from ab initio theory   Prof. Biplab Sanyal 2023-04-25


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