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The research activities in High Energy Physics involve the experimental and theoretical studies of matter produced in Ultra-relativistic High Ion Collisions and nuclear structure studies at high spin. In the domain of experimental high energy, Saha Institute has played a key role in ALICE Collaboration at Large Hadron Collider, CERN. Currently, the 1.1 Million readout channels of the Muon Spectrometer of ALICE are being successfully readout for p-p collisions using the MANAS chip which has been developed by Saha Institute. In addition, the 2nd Tracking Station of the spectrometer which has been commissioned by SINP in February, 2008 and is fully functional since then. During 2010, which is the first year of LHC operation, SINP is responsible for the run coordination of the Muon Spectrometer of ALICE. Thus, currently SINP is playing a significant role on collection, quality monitoring and analysis of the data.



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