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The research at the TCMP division ranges from classical to quantum many body physics andfocuses on three main areas - Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Strongly Correlated Electron Systems and Interdisciplinary Physics. To elaborate further statistical physics group is involved in studying turbulence, game theory, phase transitions and transport in driven systems. Study of high Tc superconductors, transport in strongly correlated systems, disordered systems and quantum phase transitions is the focus of quantum many body physics group. Researchers of TCMP division are also working on Interdisciplinary areas of physics like Econo-physics,biophysics and quantum computation. 

The division hosts condensed matter seminars regularly. We also have a long term visitor program for collaborative visits. Scientists interested in visiting us are encouraged to write to the faculty members in the respective areas of research. 

There are regular vacancies for postdoctoral positions in the division. Interested candidates may send their applications to the head of the TCMP division. 




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