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ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is a dedicated heavy ion experiment at the CERN LHC, which will complement the other experiments (ATLAS, CMS) in the study of connection between phase transitions involving elementary quantum field, fundamental symmetries of nature and the origin of mass. ALICE will collect data in lead-lead collisions, proton-proton collisions and will produce simulation data. In one year of operation, ALICE will generate about 2.5 Peta byte of raw and calibration data.

ALICE has decided to use GRID environment for their computing need. It will use MONARC model to deal with data processing involving installation of computing centres of various tiers depending on the load of computing. GRID-Framework AliEn(Alice Environment) has been implemented along with the LHC Computing Grid. It is built on the top of the latest standards for information exchange & authentication (SOAP, SASL, and PKI) and common open source components Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) is a part of Kolkata based Tier-2 center. It will be connected to the other part (at VECC) by optical fibre link. The connections has already been completed. The outside world will see SINP and VECC as a single Tier-2 station. The idea to have a single network connection is to minimize the cost.

Recently SINP has initiated an EU-India Grid test-bed cluster installation under the banner of EUINDIAGRID. This has been partially completed by three project fellows. The hardware specification for Alice-India Grid has been frozen. The procurement of hardwares and its installation will start very shortly.


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