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Theory division organizes conference and workshops in a regular basis. Even though most of the conferences/workshops are organised in-house, we sometimes organize activities in other venues in collaboration with other academic institutions. For some recent activities, please look at the following links:

School cum First Collaboration Meeting on Computational Nuclear Structure and Reactions (CMNSR2018)2 -22 Jan, 2018

IV Saha Theory Workshop: Modern Aspects of String Theory,  February 19-23, 2018.

(Late) Prof. D.P. Roy Memorial Meeting: 21st April, 2017

III Saha Theory Workshop: Aspects of Early Universe Cosmology, January 16-20, 2017.

Saha Theory Workshop: Multi-loop and Multi-leg processes for precision physics at the LHC ( Feb 23- 27, 2016)

Heavy Flavour Meeting (Feb 3-5, 2016)

Saha Theory Workshop 2015: Cosmology at the Interface (28-30 January, 2015)

Topical Conference on Gravity and Cosmology - Eastern Region (TCGC-ER) - December 13, 2013

School on Quantum Field Theories on Lattice - December 2- 6, 2013

Advanced School on Radiative Corrections for the LHC - April 04-11 , 2011


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