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Surface Physics and Material Science

X ray facilities   -   VXRD


X ray facilities - VXRD
Description Versatile x-ray diffractometer (VXRD) can be used for the study of structure and morphology of single & composite thin films and multilayers containing crystalline, amorphous or both.
Manufacturer Bruker AXS, Germany []
Model D8 Discover
Installation place & date Room # 126 & May, 2003
Source Copper sealed tube 2.2 kW power & 0.04 x 12 mm2 line focus
Goniometer 2-circle (q-2q)
Sample stage ¼-circle Eulerian Cradle
2-circlular: c (97 deg) and f (360 deg)
3-translational: X & Y (150 mm); Z (13 mm)
5’’ vacuum chuck
Knife edge collimator

Optics Ni/C Göbel mirror: to select and enhance CuKa radiation
4-bounce Ge 022 monochromator
2-bounce Ge 022 channel-cut analyser

Detector NaI scintillation point detector
Dynamic range 107
Count rate 105s-1
Noise rate 2-10s-1
Typical applications :
- X-ray reflectivity and diffuse scattering for electron density profiling and determination of height-height correlation
- High angle high resolution diffraction for strain and lattice mismatch analysis
- Powder diffraction for phase and size analysis

HI-STAR area detector

Field of view 11.5 cm diameter
Pixel size 105 µm
Dynamic range >106
Count rate 106 s-1 (200 cps/pixel)
Noise rate 10-5 cps/pixel

Typical applications :
- Microdiffraction Analysis
- Stress and Texture Analysis
- Phase Identification
- Small Angle Scattering including GISAXS for determination of size and distribution of nanoparticles in liquid or solid matrix
Chiller ERL2000 cooling water unit


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