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Surface Physics and Material Science


Ion Beam Systems


Ion Beam Systems (SIMS) Ion Beam Systems (SIMS)
Description *
Manufacturer Hiden Analytical Limited (UK)
Installed on 30.11.1999
Type Triple Quadrupole
Mode Static & Dynamic SIMS
Mass handling limit 0 to 1000 amu
Depth resolution ~ 50 Å
Ion Gun Ar+ and O+ Gun ( IG 20 )

* Beam spot dia. = 100 µ-m
* Max current density at center = 4.5 mA/cm2
* Energy range = 5 keV

Cs Ion Gun (IG 5C)

* Beam spot dia. =
* Max. Current density at center =
* Energy range = 5 keV
EQS Analyser 45 degree electrostatic field energy filter
Mass Analysis Triple Quadrupole
Detector Channeltron
Ion Beam Systems (SIMS) Ion Beam Systems (SIMS)


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