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Surface Physics and Material Science


Ion Beam Systems


Ion Beam Systems (LEIB)
Description Developed during the year 2001
Ion source PIG cold cathode type ion source working in gaseous mode, sputtering mode and oven mode.
Beam spot diameter 4mm
Beam current density Typically 10-20 A/cm2 for gaseous ions
Maximum extraction voltage 30 KV
Sample holder X,Y,Z, manipulator (VG,UK)
Current integrator Danfysik, Model 554
Vacuum system Edwards’s diffstack pump at the ion source and beam line side yielding vacuum 10-6 mbar. The target chamber is differentially pumped by Alcatel turbomolecular pump with a speed of 900 l/s yielding vacuum 10-8 mbar
Analyzing magnet
Deflection angle 90o
Bending radius 500 mm
Maximum field 0.8 Tesla
Entrance/Exit angle 27.4o
Pole gap 25 mm
Nominal voltage 20.5 V
Nominal current 147.6 A
Water flow rate 5.2 L/min
Temperature rise 6.0 oC


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