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Surface Physics and Material Science




Description This surface analysis UHV system is fully configured for turn-key operation using dedicated Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis. The analysis chamber is equipped with a hemispherical analyser with five channeltron detection and monochromated X-ray source for XPS, UV lamp for UPS, LEED, electron gun and ion sputtering. The analysis chamber provides a sample holder with fixed analysis position and floating sample potential, parking stage for samples and a sample transfer via wobble stick. A sample introduction system with a magnetically coupled transporter enables loading of multiple samples at one time.
Manufacturer Omicron Nanotechnology, UK.
Model Omicron Multiprobe Electron Spectroscopy System.
Installation place & date Room No. 126 & April 2004.
System base pressure 2.5×10-10 mbar.
Sample size 10mm × 10mm.
Temperature range Room (~297 K) to 1170 K
Excitation Sources: *
X-ray source Monochromated Al Kα (1486.7 eV) (Model: XM 500).
UV source He I (21.2eV) (Model: HIS 13).
Electron source E=0-3500eV; beam current > 30µA with LaB6 filament (Model: SL 1000).
Ion source Emax =5keV; >4µA sample current, <1000 m="" spot="" at="" fine="" focus="" model:="" ise="" 100="" td="">
Electron Spectrometer True 180o hemispherical energy analyzer with five channeltron detector for XPS, AES, UPS. (Model: EA 125). Resolution ~0.6 eV (XPS)/100 meV (UPS).
LEED Beam energy < 5 eV-3.5 keV; filament: WTh (Model: SPECTALEED).
Deposition E-Beam Evaporator; Temperature range: 300-3300 oC (depending on size of evaporant); 5-20 mm deposition area. (Model: EFM 3).


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