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Surface Physics and Material Science




Description Variable temperature ultra high vacuum scanning probe microscope (VT-UHV-SPM) works both for top surface imaging and local spectroscopy in wide temperature range and in UHV. Feature can also be grown or modified in the analysis chamber for the above studies.
Manufacturer Omicron NanoTechnology, Germany []
Model VT Beam Deflection AFM
Installation place & date Room # 126 & May, 2004
Chambers AFM chamber and Analysis chamber
System base pressure UHV (10-10 mbar)
Turbo backed by rotary pump
Ion pump with TSP
Multi-mode operation STM: Tunneling current
AFM Contact: Cantilever distortion
AFM Non-contact: Resonance frequency shift
Turbo backed by rotary pump
Ion pump with TSP
Temperature range 25-1500 K (in measurement chamber)
Room-25 K using cooling sample plate & LHe
Room-1500 K using direct heating sample plate
Room-750 K using resistive heating sample plate
300 – 1500 K (in manipulator)
Scanner Single tube scanner
Scan range: 10 µm X 10 µm (max)
Z-range: 1.5 µm; Resolution better than 0.01 nm
Sample size 3 mm X 9 mm X 2 mm (for VT Compatibility)
12 mm X 12 mm X 2 mm (for others)
STM tip Wire made of Platinum-Iridium or Tungsten
AFM cantilevers Silicon or Silicon nitride (Si3N4)

Typical Contact cantilever

Material Silicon
Dimensions 450 µm X 50 µm
Force constant 0.3 N/m
Resonance freq ~13 kHz
Typical Non-Contact cantilever
Material Silicon
Dimensions 125 µm X 30 µm
Force constant 42 N/m
Resonance freq ~320 kHz
Accessories Cold cathode ion sputter source (ISE5)Evaporator (EFM 3)


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