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Biophysics and Structural Genomics Division


Analytical Facility

Analytical Facility

 We are equipped with a set of conventional and high end instruments to perform all kind of analytical measurments. We are housed with three fluorimeters viz. Perkin Elmer Luminescence spectrophotometer, Cary Eclipse Fluorometer from Varian and Fluoromax from Horiba-Jobin. We can perform various fluorescence based experiments using these spectrophotometers. Besides these we also have a UV-VIS spectrophotometer from Cecil. We have two fixed angle Dynamic light scattering instrument from Malvern and a DLS (Dynapro) equipped with Goniometer from Protein Solutions. Using these instruments we are able to measure the hydrodynamic radii of the protein aggremers.We can study the thermodynamics of association dissociation of protein complexes by Isothermal titration calorimetry. We possess two ITC instruments and one Differential scanning calorimeter. We also use surface Plasmon resonance from BIACORE X100 to study protein ligand/protein-protein and DNA –ligand interaction.

Further, we have image plate, analytical HPLC, multomode plate reader capable of measuring flurescence, absorbance, luminiscence and alpha-screen in highthoruput plate format.


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