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Biophysics and Structural Genomics Division


Cell Cultute Facilities


 Mammalian cells of mouse or human origins from various lineages (like epithelial cancers, neuroblastomas, gastric cancers, adenocarcinomas, fibroblasts, leukemia, melanocyes, etc.), primary and stem cells are grown and maintained at an appropriatetemperatureand gas mixture (typically, 37 °C, 5%CO2for mammalian cells) in acell incubator. Culture conditions vary widely for each cell type, and variation of conditions for a particular cell type can result in differentphenotypes. Aside from temperature and gas mixture, the most commonly varied factor in culture systems is the cellgrowth medium. Recipes for growth media can vary inpH, glucose concentration,growth factors, and the presence of other nutrients. All solutions and equipment that come in contact with the cells must be sterile. Cells are subcultured when they are in the log-phase of growth before they reach confluency. Sterile conditions are maintained while performing all techniques of cell-culture and for their propagation. Currently, we are in the process of procuring a 3D cell culture system. This system will allow us to culture mammalian cell in three dimension, mimmicking real tisuue. For example, by culturing cancer cells in 3D format, one can mimic tumor microenvironment in-vitro. 

Apart from the mammalian cell culture, we have state of the arts facilities to culture bacteria, cyanobacteria and yeast in various temperature (10o C-80o C), media and phototrophic condition.


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