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Technical Members
Name Designation Room Ext. Email
Adhir Sarkar Technician 4061
Bhairab Chandra Nath Technician 4061
Biplab Kumar Dey Technician 4061 biplab.dey
C.Palanivel Technician Phase -2, 87 4087, 4062 c.palani
Debasish Sen Technician 4061 debasish.sen
Durlav Tudu Technician 4061
Jisnu Basu Engineer 4061 4061 jisnu.basu
Narayan Chandra Dey Scientific Assistant 4061 narayan.dey
Partha Sarathi Karmakar Technician 4061 partha.karmakar
Sadip Kumar Patra Technician 4079
Subal Chandra Bindi Technician 4061 subal.bindi
Subrata Baidya Technician 348 2348 subrata.baidya
Sudipta Barman Scientific Assistant 4061 sudipta.barman
Sunil Das Technician 4061
Supriya Mondal Technician 4061 supriya.mondal
Tarun Tapan Biswas Technician 4061


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