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Nuclear Physics


Charge particle laboratory


The charged particle laboratory of the division has a setup for testing different types of solid state and gas detectors with radioactive sources. A glass  vacuum chamber is used with a diffusion pumping system ( rotary backing/ roughing pump) to produce the desired vacuum inside the chamber. At a time three solid state detectors can be tested by this setup. The source holder can be moved in and out of the detector view without disturbing the vacuum.  The same chamber can be utilized to test gas detectors fabricated indigenously in the division. Large area multiwire chambers, single wire proportional counters and ionization chambers have been successfully fabricated and used in both in-house and accelerator based experiment. The laboratory has also facility for testing solid state large area position sensitive  detectors and scintillation detectors. A CAMAC based Multi-parameter data acquisition system is used for data taking. A gas purification monitoring device in the low mass region is also available in this laboratory.


Charge particle laboratory Charge particle laboratory Charge particle laboratory


Gamma laboratory


The laboratory houses Clover, Ge(Li) and scintillation detectors for gamma spectroscopy measurements. A number of in-house works are carried out using the Gamma laboratory facility such as


1) Gamma ray spectroscopy of fission fragments from 252Cf spontaneous fission source using Compton suppressed Clovers and Clover-LEPS coincidence setup.


2) Comparison of background characteristics of HPGe and Clover detectors using passive and active shielding.


3) Gamma-ray polarization measurement.

Gamma laboratory

Detector reconditioning facility is also available.



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