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New Addition: Books

Sl. No.


Author (s)


Acc. No.

1. Black holes: new horizons Hayward, Sean Alan, Ed. 2013 31840
2. Cancer bioinformatics Xu, Ying 2014 31842
3. Conductors, semiconductors, superconductors: an introduction to solid state physics Huebener, Rudolf P. 2015 31843
4. Inside interesting integrals: with an introduction to contour integration Nahin, Paul J. 2015 31830
5. Lectures Notes in Physics; V.863   2013 31839
6. Neutrinos in high energy and astroparticle physics Valle, Jose W. F. 2015 31844
7. Quantum physics in the nanoworld: Schrodinger's cat and the dwarfs Luth, Hans 2015 31837
8. Symmetries in fundamental physics Sundermeyer, Kurt 2014 31831
9. Ultrashort laser pulse phenomenon: fundamentals, techniques, and applications on a Femtosecond time scale Diels, Jean-Claude 2006 31841


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