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I.G.Y. Ascaplots, Vol.20

Identification of Essential Oils by Ion Trap Mass Spectroscopy

IGY Calendar Record: Ozone Instruction Manual

II–VI Compounds

Inadvertent Nuclear War

Incommensurate Phases in Dielectrics 2. Materials

Individual Psychotherapy and the Science of Psychodynamics

Inelastic Ion-surface Collisions

Inelastic Light Scattering

Inflation and Quantum Cosmology

Inhaled Particles and Vapours

Inhaled Particles V

Inhaled Particles VI

Instrumentation in Nuclear Medicine

Integrated Optoelectronics

Interactions between Electromagnetic Fields and Matter

Internal Conversion Coefficients for Multipolarities E1,..., E4, M1,..., M4

Internal Conversion Processes

Internal Friction and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids

International Conference on Infrared Physics (CIRP): Proceedings of a Conference Held in Zurich, 11–15 August 1975

International Edition University Physics

International Geophysical Year Meetings

International Symposium On Solid Ionic and Ionic-Electronic Conductors

International Trends in Optics

Introduction to Astrophysical Hydrodynamics

Introduction to Electrodynamics and Radiation

Introduction to Electron and Ion Optics

Introduction to Electron Microscopy

Introduction to Electrooptic Devices

Introduction to Elementary Particle Theory

Introduction to Elementary Particles

Introduction to Feynman Diagrams

Introduction to Fiber Optics System Design

Introduction to Field Quantization

Introduction to General Relativity

Introduction to Hypersonic Flow

Introduction to Interval Computation

Introduction to Marine Geology

Introduction to Microcirculation

Introduction to Modern Physics

Introduction to Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy

Introduction to Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy, 2nd Ed.

Introduction to Physics

Introduction to Plasma Physics

Introduction to Programming with Specifications

Introduction to Quantum Electronics

Introduction to Relativity

Introduction to Soil Physics

Introduction to Solar Radiation

Introduction to Solid State Diffusion

Introduction to Stellar Statistics

Introduction to Superconductivity

Introduction to the Electron Theory of Solids

Introduction to the Liquid State

Introduction to the Neutron Kinetics of Nuclear Power Reactors

Introduction To The Operational Calculus

Introduction to the Physics of Electroweak Interactions

Introduction to the Physics of Fluids and Solids

Introduction to the Theory of Atomic Spectra

Introduction to the Theory of Magnetism

Introduction to the Theory of Plasma Turbulence

Introduction to Thermomechanics

Introductory Fourier Transform Spectroscopy

Inversion Methods in Atmospheric Remote Sounding

Investigations Into Electrical Discharges in Gases

Iodine Prophylaxis Following Nuclear Accidents

Ion Beam Assisted Film Growth

Ion Implantation Science and Technology

Ion Implantation Science and Technology, 2nd Ed.


Ionospheric Sporadic

Isobaric Nuclei with the Mass Number A=74


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