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Facets of Physics


Ferromagnetic Resonance

Fertility in Massachusetts from the Revolution to the Civil War

Festkörper Probleme

Festkörper Probleme (1973)

Festkörper Probleme IX: Advances in Solid State Physics

Festkörper Probleme VIII: Advances in Solid State Physics

Few Body Dynamics

Few Body Problem

Few Particle Problems

Field Theory in Particle Physics, Vol.1

Fifth Generation Computer Systems

Fifth Meeting and the Termination of CSAGI

Fine Needle Aspiration of Palpable Masses

Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods in Electromagnetic Scattering

Finite Strip Method in Structural Analysis

Finite-Size Scaling

Flow Equations for Composite Gases

Fluctuation Phenomena

Fluctuations and Non-Linear Wave Interactions in Plasmas

Fluid Mechanics and Singular Perturbations

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of our Environment

Fluid Mechanics, 2nd Ed.

Fluid Physics for Oceanographers and Physicists

Fluoride Glass Fiber Optics

Focusing of Charged Particles

Focusing of Charged Particles, Vol.1

Focusing of Charged Particles, Vol.2

Foundations of Biophysics

Foundations of Classical and Quantum Statistical Mechanics

Foundations of Electrical Engineering

Foundations of Mathematical System Dynamics

Foundations of Quantum Physics I (1926 - 1932)

Foundations of Quantum Physics II (1933-1958)

Foundations of Quantum Theory

Foundations of Statistical Mechanics

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra, Vol.1

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra, vol.4

Fourier Transforms in NMR Optical and Mass Spectrometry

Fractals in Physics

Free Atoms Clusters and Nanoscale Particles

Free Electron Lasers 2002

Free Electron Lasers 2003

Free Vibrations of Circular Cylindrical Shells

French Miniature Electronic Components and Assemblies Data 1967-68

Frequency Modulation Theory

Frequency of Self-Oscillations

Functional Anatomy of the Spermatozoon

Fundamental Principles of Modern Theoretical Physics

Fundamental Problems in Vacuum Techniques Ultra-High Vacuum


Fundamentals of Plasma Physics

Fundamentals of Soil Physics

Fusion Technology 1980

Fusion Technology 1990

Fusion Technology 1996

Fusion: Magnetic Confinement, Part A

Fusion: Magnetic Confinement, Part B



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