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Calculations in Fundamental Physics: Electricity and Magnetism

Calculations in Fundamental Physics: Mechanics and Heat

Calendar Record for the International Geophysical Cooperation 1959

Carboxylic Ortho Acid Derivatives

Carrier Scattering in Metals and Semiconductors

Case Studies in Atomic Collision Physics

Case Studies in Atomic Physics (Edited by:E. McDaniel)

Case Studies in Atomic Physics (Edited by:E. W. McDaniel and M. R. C. McDowell)

Case-Based Planning

Charged-Particle Reaction List: 1971

Chemical Compounds in the Atmosphere

Chemical Thermodynamics of Americium

Chromium: Its Physicochemical Behavior and Petrologic Significance

Circulatory Ulcers

Classical Dynamics of Particles

Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems

Classical Electromagnetic Radiation

Classical Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields

Classical Theory of Fields

Classical Thermodynamics of Non-Electrolyte Solutions

Claude Bloch: Scientific Works Oeuvre Scientifique

Clinical Optics

Clouds their Formation Optical Properties and Effects

Collected Papers of L.D. Landau

Collected Papers of P.L. Kapitza, Vol.1

Collected Papers of P.L. Kapitza, Vol.2

Collected Papers of P.L. Kapitza, Vol.3

Collection of Problems on Mathematical Physics

Collective Oscillations in a Plasma

Collective Properties of Physical Systems

Coming Age of Psychosomatics

Comparative Anatomy Atlas

Compatibility and Testing of Electronic Components

Complementarity Beyond Physics (1928-1962)

Complex Systems

Components and Devices, Vol.1

Compound Semiconductor Device Physics

Computer Assisted Learning in Physics Education

Computer Techniques for Electromagnetics

Computer-Aided Design/Engineering (Cad/Cae) Techniques and Their Applications

Computer-Oriented Mathematical Physics

Concepts of Quantum Optics

Conceptual Foundations of Materials

Condensed Matter, Vol.4

Conference Terminology, 2nd Edition

Conformal Field Theory and Solvable Lattice Models

Conformal Invariance and String Theory

Construction Of Integration Formulas For Initial Value Problems

Contact Lens Design Tables

Contemporary Models of the Atomic Nucleus

Contemporary Nonlinear Optics

Continuum Mechanics of Single-Substance Bodies

Continuum Physics, Vol.3

Continuum Physics, Vol.4

Contributions of Faraday and Maxwell to Electrical Science

Controlled Fusion

Correspondence Principle (1918 - 1923)

Cosmic Rays

COSPAR Colloquia Series, Vol.20

COSPAR: Space Research (1978)

Course in Statistical Thermodynamics

Course of Theoretical Physics, 3rd Ed.

Course of Theoretical Physics, Vo.10

CP Violation

Creep And Relaxation Of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Materials

Cryogenics Safety Manual

Crystal Growth, 2nd Ed.

Cumulative Subject Index

Cycloaddition Reactions of Heterocumulenes

Cyclobutadiene and Related Compounds

Cyclotron Waves in Plasma


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