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Condensed matter Physics (Experiment)
Major Equipments and Resources:
    1. Liquid nitrogen plant (20 L/hr) and Liquid helium plant (20 L/hr without LN2 pre-cooling)

    2. XRD at RT Philips , XRD at Low Temperature, High Temperature 16KW( Rikaku)

    3. Pulsed Laser Deposition for thin films, AFM, MFM, DeckAlpha, Custom made UHV systems

    4. Travelling Float Zone Furnace; for preparation of single crystals

    5. Argon arc furnace

    6. High temperature box and tube furnaces

    7. PPMSphysical properties measurement systems, SQUID VSM

    8. Cryogen Free magnet system with VTI 7-9T with Room temperature magnet 9T

    9. AC Susceptibility measurements system at low temperature

    10. 14 tesla superconducting magnet

    11. 7 tesla superconducting NMR magnet (Temperature range 3.8 - 300 K)

    12. 100 MHz NMR spectrometer (Bruker), 400 MHz customized NMR spectrometer with SC magnet field variation 7T

    13. Mossbauer spectrometer with low temperature facility

    14. Home-built Stark/source modulated microwave spectrometer 10-100 GHz

    15. Home-built acoustic spectrometer

    16. Home built DC magnetometer

    17. Thermal conductivity,Thermal expansion, High pressure Hydro static, Diamond Anvil cell ( Transport)


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