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Condensed matter Physics (Experiment)

Major Research Projects:



Major research facilities

Physical Progress (High lights)

2002-07 (Xth Plan)

Advanced Magnetic Materials at Low Temperatures and High Field

Project report (PDF Link)

1) Pulsed Laser Deposition
2) Superconducting Magnet (5-14T)
3) Liquid Helium plant (20-40 lts/hr).
4) MPMS SQUID magnetometer

Facilities (Link)

1) 137 Papers in referred Int. Journals
2) Ph.D awarded: (***)
3) Int. Conf. on Magnetic Materials (ICMM-2007)  (AIP Conf. Proc. vol.1003, (2008))


2007-12 (XIth Plan)

Physics of Complex System Under Extreme Conditions

Project report :

11th plan PCS project

2) DC-RF sputtering
3) XRD (18kW, 15-1200K)
4) PPMS (7-9T)
5) Room Temp. Bore magnet (9 T)
7) Furnaces (1000-1200C)
8) Field Sweep magnet-NMR (9T)
9) High pressure- Hydrostatic (3GPa)
10) DAC (20GPa)

Facilities (Link)

1) 130 in referred Int. Journals
2) Ph.D. awarded ( ***)
3) MRSI medal
4) INSA young scientist
5) ICMM-2010 (AIP Conf. Proc. vol.1347, (2011)

2012-17 (XIIth Plan)

Condensed Matter Physics: Interaction & Dynamics



2007-12 :Salient Scientific/Technical features of the Project of Physics of Complex System under extreme conditions 2007-12

[1]   Experimental investigations of super-hard materials, composite magnets, negative TCR & negative thermal expansion materials at high pressure  with a focus on isotropic cubic materials. Experimental investigations of exchange coupling between grains and dipoles in composite magnets consisting of soft and hard phases for high energy product, (BH)max, material.

[2] Time dependent universal conductance fluctuation for interacting electronic systems.

[3] Magnetism in linear chain spin trimers/group IV clathrates.

[4] Physics of transition metals focusing on rare earth containing systems for giant magnetostriction, spin relaxation at the ferrmagnetor-superconductor interface Magnetostriction, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity.

[5] Magnetoresistive and Magnetocaloric materials focusing on rare earth compounds.

[6] Theroretical studies in relevance to above focusing on Polaron Physics and Manganites, Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC) and Organic Superconductivity, Nanoscopic and Mesoscopic Systems, Tools for Many-body Problems.


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