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Licence Terms and Conditions

The Library signs a licence for each electronic product or service to which we subscribe or purchase. Users of each of these products must observe the specific terms and conditions for each service that they use. There are usually links to the licence on the publisher's web site and you should read these before starting to use the service.

Who is allowed to use electronic services?

Access to electronic services is typically restricted to members of SINP.This also includes visiting members and Library members.

From where can I access them?

From Campus Network terminals. Use from outside SINP may not be allowed in some cases.

What Can I use them for?

For your course of study, private study and research. Use for commercial purposes is not allowed, but members on projects funded by commercial concerns are allowed to use them for their personal academic work.

What can I do with the data?

You can read download and print copies for your personal use. You must not copy the data into another database system or Internet site for use by people other than yourself. You must not make systematic downloads of data for any purpose. It is illegal to download and store data in large quantities.

What about copyright?

You must respect the Intellectual Property Rights of authors of materials in the database. Additional guidance about Copyright is available.

What about user names and passwords?

Almost in many cases online access are registered only on IP based, however in limited cases access is through user names and passwords. For this you must not divulge any user names and passwords to other people. All users must use  SINP  Library system to obtain the necessary username and password for each service that they wish to use.



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