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Applied Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Spectroscopy and related detector development

Using various types of charged particle, neutron, gamma ray and X-ray detectors studies in nuclear reactions and spectroscopy are carried out. This includes exploration of nuclear structure of proton rich trans-lead and neutron rich lighter mass (A~30-40) nuclei using the large Clover detector array like Indian National Gamma Array (INGA).

Development of different types of gas based radiation detectors operating in ionization, proportional, avalanche and streamer modes; has been carried out. These detectors are used in various experiments involving gamma spectroscopy with charged particle tagging, exploring the nuclear dynamics of a few nucleon transfer reactions, fission and fusion reactions, and also for the detection of cosmic muons by RPC with an aim to develop indigenously built large area active detectors for a 40 kT iron calorimeter as planned for the India based Neutrino Observatory (INO). Simulation work on avalanche propagation in wire grid based avalanche counters; simple phenomenological model based nuclear structure calculations to generate input to nuclear reaction codes are also carried out for interpretation of experimental findings.


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