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Applied Nuclear Physics

Experiments on micro-pattern detectors

Micro-pattern detectors, both gaseous and solid state, have become very popular recently. This is due to the advantages they provide in terms of improved spatial and energy resolution, rate capability, radiation hardness, ageing properties etc., compared to the more classical configurations. However, there are several unresolved physics issues related to these detectors, such as ion back-flow, detector damaging sparks and quite a few more. In addition, there is significant scope of improving and optimizing the existing designs. Possible contribution in terms of insightful interpretation is also an area of major importance. We are actively involved in implementing the long-term plan of building a sophisticated micro-pattern detector laboratory. Work has already started on carrying out detailed studies on various physics issues of micro-pattern gaseous detectors. Besides resolving detector physics issues, our activities will also be directly related to on-going and future accelerator based experiments. Rare event detection is also expected to be another major area of application of these detectors. We have already started working in several international collaborations related to these activities.


Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014 18:37
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