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IASLIC Bulletin
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (Impact Factor: 1.052)
India Today (English)
India Today (Hindi)
Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics (Impact Factor: 0.958)
Indian Journal of Chemistry A (Impact Factor: 0.494)
Indian Journal of Chemistry B (Impact Factor: 0.353)
Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (Impact Factor: 1.165)
Indian Journal of History of Science
Indian Journal of Physics (Impact Factor: 0.988)
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (Impact Factor: 0.521)
Indian Journal of Theoretical Physics
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research - (Impact Factor: 2.843)
Inorganic Chemistry - (Impact Factor: 4.857)
International Journal of Modern Physics A (Impact Factor: 1.597)
International Journal of Modern Physics B (Impact Factor: 0.736)
International Journal of Modern Physics E - (Impact Factor: 1.198)


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