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Low Temperature

Members:Prof R.Ranganathan

Activity : Static and Dynamic response of complex magnetic materials (bulk and nano particle )Micro structure, magneto crystalline anisotropy, domain wall motion, pinning. Cryogenics collaboration project with VECC to characterize the SC cable, Joint technique,  and   Prototype magnet, quench detection, materials characterization at Low temperature etc., for Super conducting cyclotron. Magnetic calorimetric effect focusing on Rare earth systems. Static and Dynamic response of complex megnetic materials (bulk and nano particle) Micro structure, megneto crystalline anisotropy, domain wall motion, pinning - Disorderd magnetic materials (structural, chemical, quenched) Low Z elements - megnetic meterials - glassy behaviour, spin compensation temperature, Magnetic Oxide, intermetallic rare earth systems. >>more

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