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List of Publisher

21st Century Science & Technology

Academic Press, Inc.

Academial Scientiarum Fennica

Academia Sinica

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


AE Morgan Publications Pvt.Ltd.

Akademie Verlag

American Association for Advancement of  Science

American Association of Physics Teacher

American Chemical Society

American Institute of Physics

American Mathematical Society

American Nuclear Society

American Physical Society

American Roentgen Ray Society

American Society for Biochemistry & Molular Biology

American Society for Microbiology

American Society for Pharmacology

American Society for Photobiology


Association of Indian Universities

Biophysical Society

Blackwell Publisher

Blackwell Science Asia


British Institute of Radiology

Butterworth Scientific Ltd.

Cahners Publishing Com.

Cambridge University Press

Carnegie Institution of Washington

Cell Press

Chemical Society of Japan


CRC Press


Current Trend Subscriptions

EDP Sciences S. A.

EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Electrochemical Society, Inc.

Elsevier Science

The Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science

Genetics Society of America

Gordon & Breach Sciences

Harcourt Brace Javanovich Group

Hungarian Academy of Science

Indian Academy of Sciences

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences

Indian Chemical Society

Indian Institute of Astrophysics

Indian Institute of Science

Indian National Science Academy

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Eng.

The Institute of Electroncis & Telecom. Eng.

Institute of Physics Publishing

International Atomic Energy Agency

IPC-Asso.Connecting Electronics Industries

Japan Society of Applied Physics

John Wiley & Sons

K.G. Saur Verlag

Kluwer Academic Publisher

Living Media India Limited


Maik Nauka/Interperiodica Pub.

Marcel Dekker AG

Marconi plc,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Media Transasia India Limited

Munskgaard International Publishers

National Geographic Society

National Institute of Science Communications.

National Science Teacher Association

Nature Publishing Group

New Science Publications

NRC Press

Optical Society of America

Oxford University Press

Pennwell Pub.

Penton Media Inc.

Pergamon Press

The Physical Society of Japan

Plenum Publishing Corporation

Polish Academy of Science

Portland Press Ltd


Progress of Theoretical Physics

R Oldenbourg Verlag

Radiation Research

Radiological Society of North America

Rockfeller Institute Press


The Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of London

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Russian Academy of Sciences

S. Hirzel Verlag

Sheffield Academic Press

Scientific American Inc.

Sigma XI

Simon and Schuster

Sky Publishing Corporation

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Societ Italina di Fisica

Society of Chemical Industry

Societe Fran�aise des Microscopies

Societe Francaise de Physique

Society of Protozoologists



Taylor & Francis Group

Time Magazine


Universitatis Comeniana

The University of Chicago Press

University of North Carolina

Verlag der Zeits. fur Naturfor.

Wiley Interscience

World Meteorological Organization

World Scientific Publishing Co.


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