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Recent Seminar

Title              :

A new formalism of unbiased exponential resummation in Lattice QCD at a finite chemical potential

Speaker         : Sabarnya Mitra, IISc, Bangalore
Date                : October 27, 2022
Time               : 3:30 PM
Venue            : Room 3307
Abstract        :

The exponential resummation of Taylor series up to N coefficients
           has been proposed in order to circumvent the computational hurdle
           of calculating high-order Taylor coefficients, with reliable
           precision in Lattice QCD. Unfortunately, this method suffers from
           biased estimates, which can radically misdirect calculations for
           higher values and orders of $mu$. We analyze these biased estimates
           order-by-order for $mu_I$, applying cumulant expansion and conduct
           a comparative study with QNS results by replacing them with unbiased
           counterparts. We find that this method gives good agreement with QNS
           results, but at the cost of valuable reweighting factor and the
           anatomy of exponential resummation. We, therefore, present a new
           formalism of exponential resummation which can exactly replicate QNS
           results up to a desired order in $mu$. We vindicate our observation
           using pressure and number density results for $mu_B$ and $mu_I$. We
           find this partially unbiased formalism produces all-ordered QNS exactly,
           by exponentiating an infinite cumulant series in $mu$.



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