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Prof. Chandrima Das

Room No : 4623
Ext. : 4623
Email id : chandrima.das[AT]
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Papers in Journals

Title : Epigenetic-Metabolic Interplay in the DNA Damage Response and Therapeutic Resistance of Breast Cancer

Author(s) : Chandrima Das , Swagata Adhikari, Apoorva Bhattacharya, Sanjukta Chakraborty, Payel Mondal, Shalini S Yadav, Santanu Adhikary, Clayton R Hunt, Kamlesh K Yadav , Shruti Pandita, Siddhartha Roy, John A Tainer, Zamal Ahmed, Tej K Pandita.

Source : Cancer Res. Volume: 83 Issue: 5 Pages: 657-666 Published: 2023


Title : ZMYND8 suppresses MAPT213 LncRNA transcription to promote neuronal differentiation

Author(s) : Santanu Adhikary, Vipin Singh, Ramesh Choudhari, Barbara Yang, Swagata Adhikari, Enrique I Ramos, Soumi Chaudhuri, Siddhartha Roy, Shrikanth S Gadad, Chandrima Das .

Source : Cell Death Dis. Volume: 13 Issue: 9 Pages: 766. Published: 2022


Title : Epigenetic regulation of Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1 by host transcription factor Speckled 110 kDa during hepatitis B virus infection

Author(s) : Isha Sengupta, Payel Mondal, Amrita Sengupta, Atanu Mondal, Vipin Singh, Swagata Adhikari, Sinjini Dhang, Siddhartha Roy , Chandrima Das .

Source : FEBS J. Volume: 289 Issue: 21 Pages: 6694-6713. Published: 2022


Title : Stress Responses as Master Keys to Epigenomic Changes in Transcriptome and Metabolome for Cancer Etiology and Therapeutics

Author(s) : Atanu Mondal, Apoorva Bhattacharya, Vipin Singh, Shruti Pandita, Albino Bacolla, Raj K Pandita, John A Tainer, Kenneth S Ramos, Tej K Pandita, Chandrima Das .

Source : Mol Cell Biol. Volume: 42 Issue: 1 Pages: e0048321 Published: 2022


Title : Implications of Enhancer Transcription and eRNAs in Cancer

Author(s) : Adhikary S, Roy S, Chacon J, Gadad SS, Chandrima Das .

Source : Cancer Res . Volume: 81 Issue: 16 Pages: 4174-4182 Published: 2021


Title : TCF19 and p53 regulate transcription of TIGAR and SCO2 in HCC for mitochondrial energy metabolism and stress adaptation

Author(s) : Mondal P, Gadad SS, Adhikari S, Ramos EI, Sen S, Prasad P, Chandrima Das .

Source : FASEB J . Volume: 35 Issue: 9 Pages: e21814. Published: 2021


Title : SUMO E3 ligase CBX4 regulates hTERT-mediated transcription of CDH1 and promotes breast cancer cell migration and invasion

Author(s) : Sanyal S, Mondal P, Sen S, Sengupta Bandyopadhyay S, Chandrima Das .

Source : Biochem J. Volume: 477 Issue: 19 Pages: 3803-3818. Published: 2020


Title : TCF19 Promotes Cell Proliferation through Binding to the Histone H3K4me3 Mark

Author(s) : Mondal P, Sen S, Klein BJ, Tiwary N, Gadad SS, Kutateladze TG, Roy S, Chandrima Das .

Source : Biochemistry. Volume: 59 Issue: 4 Pages: 389-399 Published: 2020


Title : Suppression of poised oncogenes by ZMYND8 promotes chemo-sensitization

Author(s) : Mukherjee S, Adhikary S, Gadad SS, Mondal P, Sen S, Choudhari R, Singh V, Adhikari S, Mandal P, Chaudhuri S, Sengupta A, Lakshmanaswamy R, Chakrabarti P, Roy S, Chandrima Das .

Source : Cell Death Dis . Volume: 11 Issue: 12 Pages: 1073 Published: 2020


Title : Atypical plant homeodomain of UBR7 functions as an H2BK120Ub ligase and breast tumor suppressor

Author(s) : Adhikary S, Chakravarti D, Terranova C, Sengupta I, Maitituoheti M, Dasgupta A, Srivastava DK, Ma J, Raman AT, Tarco E, Sahin AA, Bassett R, Yang F, Tapia C, Roy S, Rai K, Chandrima Das .

Source : Nat Commun. Volume: 10 Issue: 1 Pages: 1398 Published: 2019


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