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Dr. Soumen Kanti Manna

Associate Professor
Room No : Phase- IV, Floor- I and 3
Ext. : 4626, 3105
Email id : soumen.manna[AT]
Division :
Papers in Journals

Title : Identification of glucose-independent metabolic pathways associated with anti-proliferative effect of metformin, their coordinate derangement with cMyc downregulation and reversibility in liver cancer cells.

Author(s) : SK RAMIZ ISLAM , Soumen Kanti Manna .

Source : bioRxiv Volume: Issue: Pages: Published: 2023


Title : Effect of short-term use of FFP2 (N95) masks on the salivary metabolome of young healthy volunteers: a pilot study

Author(s) : SK RAMIZ ISLAM , Debasish Prusty , Subhadip Maiti , Raju Dutta , Partha Chattopadhyay, Soumen Kanti Manna .

Source : Mol Omics Volume: 19 Issue: Pages: 383-94 Published: 2023


Title : Thiourea mediated ROS-metabolites reprogramming restores root system architecture under arsenic stress in rice

Author(s) : Tejashree Ghate, Kanchan Soneji, Vitthal Barvkar, Padma Ramakrishnan, Debasish Prusty , Mr. SK RAMIZ ISLAM , Soumen Kanti Manna , Ashish Kumar Srivastava.

Source : J Hazard Mater Volume: 435 Issue: Pages: 129020 Published: 2022


Title : Structural basis of fitness of emerging SARS-COV-2 variants and considerations for screening, testing and surveillance strategy to contain their threat

Author(s) : SK RAMIZ ISLAM , Debasish Prusty , Soumen Kanti Manna .

Source : medRxiv Volume: Issue: Pages: Published: 2021


Title : Characterizations of SARS-CoV-2 mutational profile, spike protein stability and viral transmission

Author(s) : Sayantan Laha, Joyeeta Chakraborty, Shantanab Das, Soumen Kanti Manna , Sampa Biswas , Raghunath Chatterjee.

Source : Infect Genet Evol Volume: 85 Issue: Pages: 104445 Published: 2020


Title : Inverse association of vitamin D3 levels with lung cancer mediated by genetic variation.

Author(s) : M. Haznadar, K. W. Krausz, E. Margono, C. M. Diehl, E. D. Bowman, Soumen Kanti Manna , A. I. Robles, B. M. Ryan, F. J. Gonzalez, C. C. Harris.

Source : Cancer Med Volume: 7 Issue: 6 Pages: 2764-75 Published: 2018


Title : Unique and novel urinary metabolomic features in malignant versus benign adrenal neoplasms.

Author(s) : D. Patel, M. D. Thompson, Soumen Kanti Manna , K. W. Krausz, L. Zhang, N. Nilbuol, F. J. Gonzalez, E. Kebebew.

Source : Clin Cancer Res Volume: 23 Issue: 17 Pages: 5302-10 Published: 2017


Title : Metabolomic Analysis of Mice Exposed to Gamma Radiation Reveals a Systemic Understanding of Total-Body Exposure.

Author(s) : S. Golla, J. P. Golla, K. W. Krausz, Soumen Kanti Manna , C. Similion, D. Beyoglu, J. R. Idle, F. J. Gonzalez.

Source : Radiat Res Volume: 187 Issue: 5 Pages: 612-629 Published: 2017


Title : Chronic Glutathione Depletion Confers Protection against Alcohol-induced Steatosis: Implication for Redox Activation of AMP-activated Protein Kinase Pathway

Author(s) : Y. Chen, S. Singh, A. Matsumoto, Soumen Kanti Manna , M. A. Abdelmegeed, S. Golla, R. C. Murphy, H. Dong, B-J. Song, F. J. Gonzalez, V. Vasiliou.

Source : Scientific Reports Volume: 6 Issue: Pages: 29743 Published: 2016


Title : St. Johns wort attenuates colorectal carcinogenesis in mice through suppression of inflammatory signaling

Author(s) : Soumen Kanti Manna , S. Golla, J. P. Golla, N. Tanaka, Y. Cai, S. Takahashi, K. W. Krausz, T. Matsubara, I. Korboukh, F. J. Gonzalez.

Source : Cancer Prev Res (Phila) Volume: 8 Issue: 9 Pages: 786-95 Published: 2015


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