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Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)
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There are mainly five parts of the SAXS setup

i)   Sample Stage: Solid Sample on different substrate as well as liquid sample in capillary
     tube can be mounted on the 1st goniometer.

ii)   Vacuum path: 3.5 meters long vacuum path connected with two rotary pumps to
     minimize the air scattering.

iii)   Vacuum integrated beam stopper: A motor controlled Pb beam stopper (10 mm diameter)
      inside the vacuum chamber to stop the direct beam before it hits the kapton window,

iv)   Ion chamber: for the alignment of the sample for SAXS and GISAXS geometry.

v)   Detector: To collect the SAXS pattern, a 1M Pilatus 2D detector placed just after the
     evacuated chamber.

vi)   The sample to detector distance ~ 3800 mm. At  λ = 1.223 Å, the available Δqz = 0.24 Å-1 and
       Δqy = 0.18 Å-1.

saxs pic 1 11c6c

saxs pic 2 bd663

 saxs 4 f56d9

Date : 21-08-2017


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