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Photon Factory
Scattering from Liquid Surface and Liquid/Liquid interface

A specially designed liquid surface spectrometer is available for experiments at this beamline. Ge (111) crystal mounted on the first 4-circle goniometer is used to bend the beam down to the liquid sample and a second 8-circle goniometer coupled to the first one is used for liquid sample stage and the detector mount. The diffracted beam from Ge(111) crystal is collimated and trimmed for proper shape by a motorized slit and the Oxford ionization chamber is used to measure the incident beam flux on to the liquid sample. KSVminimicro trough with dipping facility is available for the Langmuir monolayer measurements on water surface. An antivibration table is also available to reduce the vibration of the liquid surface due to motor movements. One can use either point detector (Cyberstar) or 100K 2D Pilatus detector for data collection. Both the detectors are mounted on the same detector rotation arm of the goniometer and can be switched from one detector to the other during reflectivity, diffuse scattering or grazing incidence diffraction measurements.

View of 4-circle and 8-circle Goniometers during scan

Langmuir trough on anti-vibration table



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