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Here, we have listed a few queries those are received frequently. First, have a look at these carefully. If you still have some questions, do send us a email to: summer.sinp[at] (cc: careofsinp[at]

1. What are the details of the selection process?
The selection is based on your academic records (weighted properly with the ranking of your current affiliation) and recommendation letters.

2. Is there any cut-off marks for selection?
No! The selection is purely based on the above-mentioned criteria only.

3. Is there any quota for any particular institution / IITs etc?

4. I am an Indian national and studying outside India. Am I eligible to apply?
Any Indian national is eligible to apply. At the moment, we are not taking any application from foreign nationals.

5. I am studying engineering for B.Tech degree. Can I apply?
Absolutely! First, you look at the divisional webpages and find research areas of faculty members with whom your interests overlap. If necessary, you can communicate with those people beforehand.

6. Can I apply in both the streams of selection i.e Physical Sciences, Biological and Chemical Sciences?

No! If you have not made up your mind till now, you first do that.

7. I have communicated/spoken with Prof. XX, and he/she agreed to supervise me. Can I work with him/her?
The selection of the Student Summer Program (SSP) is completely independent of a faculty agreeing with to supervise you. But, if you are selected in the program, we will try that you get a supervisor from the list of names you have given. See application details where you have the options to add a few names as your supervisors. But it is not mandatory to contact with any faculty members beforhand.

8. I am interested in this XYZ area and want to work with ZYX people only. Will I be allowed?
Not necessarily! We will try our best so that the program becomes useful to you, and you have a good research area match, but anything very specific is not guaranteed.

9. During the announced Summer Program time, I will be having some examinations/family trips. Can I join a few weeks later?
No! The Summer program is an intense program, and it is mandatory to stay all days during the program. Only in exceptional cases, we will relax your joining by a few days, and prior permission must be taken.

10. Can I take a break in between to attend some xyz?
No! You are supposed to be here for the entire period during the program.

11. Near the end of the Summer Program, I realise that an extension of one/two weeks would be good to finish my work. Can I get that extension?
First, you talk to your academic supervisor. If she/he agrees, check with the coordinators whether accommodation (if u are staying at the GH) for those days are available. But note that you need to pay the accommodation cost for those days. In no situation, you will be paid stipend for more than 60 days.


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