Applications are invited from junior researchers for Short Oral Communication or Poster Presentation.

There is no Registration fee. Please send a short application with following informations to: epkol-06.2011[at]

  • Full Name (First - Middle - Last)
  • Designation
  • Affiliation & address
  • E-mail
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Citizenship and Passport number (not required for Indians)
  • Name of the supervisor (for Ph.D students)
  • Name of the referee
  • Short summary of research work (within 300 words)
  • List of Publications
  • Title and Abstract (within 300 words) of Poster
  • Accommodation required (yes/no)
  • Travel support required (yes/no)*
  • All communications should be sent to: epkol-06.2011[at]
  • Please send your application as a plain text file. No Tex/Latex/Postscript/pdf... files please.
  • One letter of recommendation is required only for the students upto doctoral level, to be sent directly to: epkol-06.2011[at]
  • Organizers will take care of the local hospitality of all selected candidates.
  • * Travel funding by train (upto AC 3 tier by the shortest route) may be available only for the Indian students coming from organizations in India whose travel cannot be supported by their own organizations.
  • Last date of receiving applications is September 05, 2011.