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Recent Seminar

Title              :

The semi-holographic paradigm and the QGP

Speaker         : Ayan Mukhopadhyay, IIT Madras
Date                : March 07, 2019
Time               : 3:00 PM
Venue            : Room 3307
Abstract        :

Semi-holography, a new non-perturbative semi-holographic approach for quantum many-body systems combining the Feynman diagrams of weakly coupled interactions with the holographic duality of string theory describing the strongly coupled infrared degrees of freedom will be presented. We will show this leads to a novel phenomenological description of quark-gluon plasma. Collective behavior at late time can be captured by a hybrid fluid model mutually coupled by effective metric couplings -- the thermodynamic behavior and the linearized fluctuations about equilibrium throw light on many tantalizing features of the quark-gluon plasma. We will also study a toy model of thermalization of the quark-gluon plasma coupling perturbative Yang-Mills fields consistently to a five-dimensional black hole.



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