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Past Seminar

Title              :

Acoustic Analogue of Gravitational Wave

Speaker         : Satadal Datta, HRI
Date                : December 14, 2018
Time               : 3:30 PM
Venue            : Room 3307
Abstract        :

We explore nonlinear perturbations in different static fluid systems. We find that the equations, corresponding to the perturbation of the integrals of motion, i.e; Bernoulli's constant and the mass flow rate, satisfy massless scalar field equation in a time dependent acoustic metric. When one is interested up to the second order behaviour of the perturbations, the emergent time dependent acoustic metric of the system, derived from the massless scalar field equations of the perturbations of the integrals of motion, has some astounding similarities with the metric describing gravitational wave in Minkowski spacetime.



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