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Past Seminar

Title              :

Perspective of BTZ black hole in Quantum gravity and Cosmology

Speaker         : Supriya Kar, University of Delhi
Date                : December 06, 2018
Time               : 3:30 PM
Venue            : Room 3307
Abstract        :

We out-line a plausible scenario leading to "quantum gravity" underlying a BTZ black hole in (2+1)-dimensional Einstein gravity. In particular, the BTZ black hole is explored for certain discrete integer pair (-M and +M) values of its conserved charge M. It is shown that a pair of charges get physical interpretation across a horizon of a background black hole which possesses a potential for its identification with a cosmological horizon. Interestingly the scenario may be viewed as a vacuum created gravitational pair of membrane and anti membrane by the 3-form torsion quanta across a horizon. Our analysis may suggest a path from the classical gravity to the quantum gravity consistent with the idea of M-theory. In addition the theoretical frame-work possibly provides clue to the hidden quantum or quint (Q) essence to the classical gravity and provokes thought along the idea of Einstein-Rosen bridge.



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