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Prof. Bijay Kumar Agrawal

Senior Professor
Room No : 3321
Ext. : 3321
Email id : bijay.agrawal[AT]
Division :
Papers in Journals

Title : Giant quadrupole resonances in 208Pb, the nuclear symmetry energy, and the neutron skin thickness

Author(s) : Bijay Kumar Agrawal , , X. Roca-Maza, M. Brenna, B. K. Agrawal, P. F. Bortignon, G. Colò, Li-Gang Cao, N. Paar, and D. Vretenar.

Source : Phys Rev. C Volume: 87 Issue: Pages: 034301 Published: 2013


Title : Electric Dipole Polarizability in 208Pb: insights from the Droplet Model

Author(s) : Bijay Kumar Agrawal , X. Roca-Maza, M. Brenna, G. Colo, M. Centelles, X. Vi˜nas, N. Paar,D. Vretenar and J. Piekarewicz.

Source : Phys Rev. C Volume: 88 Issue: Pages: 024316 Published: 2013


Title : Constraining the density dependence of symmetry energy from nuclear masses

Author(s) : Bijay Kumar Agrawal , J. N. De, S. K. Samaddar, G. Colo and A. Sulaksono .

Source : Phys Rev. C Volume: 87 Issue: Pages: 051306(R) Published: 2013


Title : Existence of hyperons in the pulsar PSRJ1614-2230

Author(s) : Bijay Kumar Agrawal , A. Sulaksono.

Source : Nucl. Phys. A Volume: 895 Issue: Pages: 44 Published: 2012


Title : Determining the density content of symmetry energy and neutron skin: an empirical approach,

Author(s) : Bijay Kumar Agrawal , ,J. N. De and S. K. Samaddar.

Source : Phys Rev. Lett. Volume: 109 Issue: Pages: 262501 Published: 2012


Title : Temperature dependence of volume and surface symmetry energy coefficients of nuclei,

Author(s) : Bijay Kumar Agrawal .

Source : Phys. Lett. B Volume: 716 Issue: Pages: 361 Published: 2012


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