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Apply to SINP for PhD in Physics and
Biophysical Sciences starting from
August 2024. In Physics, you can apply for
Theoretical or Experimental Physics.
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Session will start from August 1, 2024

 Selection List for Online Interview of Experimental Physics and Biophysical Sciences
has been published.

 For Experimental Physics,
list is available here.

 Selection Criteria:
 Ranks up to 250 in JEST or all UGC-CSIR NET- JRF(not LS) qualified or ranks up to 200 in GATE
 along with 60% and above marks in MSc final exam and 55% and above marks in Graduation (BSc)

 Interview Mode : Online

 For Biophysical Sciences, list is available here.

 Selection Criteria:
 All UGC-CSIR NET- JRF(not LS),GATE,ICMR,JGEEBILS scores [Current Year only] have also been considered along with
 60% and above marks in MSc final exam and 55% and above marks in Graduation (BSc)

 Interview Mode : In-person / Offline

 Interview Dates for both : June 10-14, 2024 (Mon-Fri)

 Selected candidates will get further instruction by e-mail.

 Selection List for Online Interview of Theoretical Physics has been published.

The list is available here.

 Selection Criteria:
  1.  Candidates with ranks <= 200 in JEST, UGC, CSIR and GATE exams has been called for the interview.
  2.  Candidates who have applied after May 01, 2024, will be considered in the second round of interview. The same criteria [1] will be applicable for the second round also. 

 Interview Dates
         May 08-10, 2024 (Wed-Fri)
         May 13-15, 2024 (Mon-Wed)
 In case of conflict with other exams / interviews please let us know. 

 Tentative Interview Dates for Theory Candidates 

 May 8-10, 2024 (Wed-Fri)
 May 13-15, 2024 (Mon-Wed)


MSc in Physics or BSc with 4 Yrs (8-Semester) in Physics

Biophysical Sciences
MSc in Physics / Chemistry (with Biology at 10+2 level) or
MSc in Life Sciences (with Chemistry and Mathematics at 10+2 level) or
BSc with 4 Yrs (8-Semester) in Physics / Chemistry / Biology or
Mtech in Biotechnology (with PCMB at 10+2 level)

Openings may be available only in following areas

Theoretical Physics Experimental Physics Biophysical Sciences Group
List of Guides
Arnab Kundu
   Arti Garg
   Arunava Mukherjee
   Debasish Banerjee
   Kalpataru Pradhan
   Krishanu Roychowdhury

List of topics

a) Condensed Matter Physics -
unconventional superconductivity, Quantum
many-body systems out of equilibrium,
Interplay of topology and interactions,
Strongly disordered interacting systems,
topological insulators, frustrated magnetism,
material science.

b) High Energy Physics and formal quantum
field theories (QFT) -

AdS/CFT correspondence, conformal field
theories (CFT), QCD, lattice QFT.

c) Statics and dynamics of phases in and out-of-equilibrium.

d) Multi-messenger Astrophysics,
Gravitational Waves.

Sudipto Chakraborty
- Spin transport through magnetic
nanostructures for application in nanoscale
spin valve devices

- Study of semiconducting nanostructures
for neuromorphic computing

Mrinmay Mukhopadhyay
- Structure and optical prpperties of 2D
hybrid perovskite materials.

- Growth and transport properties of organic
semiconductor materials.

Krishnakumar Menon
- Spectroscopic and microscopic studies of
two-dimensional (2D) materials

Satyaban Bhunia
- Growth of materials for optoelectronic

- Spectroscopic and transport properties
of optoelectronic devices

Mala Das
- Astro-particle Physics experiment

Biswajit Karmakar
- Experimental study of Integer and Fractional
Quantum Hall Effect

Akashrup Banerjee
- Nuclear Instrumentation and Nuclear
Astrophysics with  FRENA

Debasish Das
- Experimental studies towards understanding
of the primordial Universe

- Exploring a novel state of matter:
The Quark-Gluon Plasma at Large Hadron
Collider (LHC) energies 
Prof. SoumenK. Manna
- Epitranscriptomic and metabolomic
alterations in cancer

- Utility of dried blood or urine spots
in biomarker analysis

Prof. Debashis Mukhopadhyay
- Non coding RNAs in neurodegeneration
- Signaling molecules in neuroinflammation

Prof. H. Raghuraman
- Structural dynamics of ion channels in
membranes during gating

Prof. Oishee Chakrabarti
- Organellar dynamics in pathologies
(neurodegeneration, cancer)

- Organellar quality control and crosstalk
in pathologies (neurodegeneration, cancer)

Prof. Subhendu Roy
- Computational enzyme design

- Simulation studies of drug-target proteins
and design of suitable drug

Prof. Kaushik Sengupta
- Understanding the roles of lamins in
promoting aneuploidy in ovarian cancer
in the light of 4D nucleome analysis

Prof. Montu K. Hazra
- Supersonic jet spectroscopy of small
molecules and their small clusters

- Gas-Phase kinetics of reactions of potential
atmospheric or environmental significance

Prof. Dulal Senapati
- Applications of bio-chemically synthesized
nanomaterials in energy, health, and

Prof. Padmaja P. Mishra
- Probing the effect of DNA methylation on
transcription factor binding dynamics:
single-molecule fluorescence microscopy

- Quantifying dynamic DNA-Protein
interactions: single-molecule fluorescence
resonance energy transfer (smFRET)

Prof. Chandrima Das
- Epigenetic regulators fine-tuning transcription
programs in spatial resolution in human diseases

- Epigenetic regulators programming
transcription  at a single cell level
in human diseases

** subject to availability

Students appearing in the final examinations of MSc or BSc (4 yr) degree before August 1, 2024 may also apply. Such admissions will be provisional till they submit their final mark sheet / certificate in compliance with the cut-off requirements of SINP for the year 2024 (to be announced).

Application procedure
All eligible students must apply through our online portal only. The link is available here.

Selection procedure
Shortlisting will be made based on previous academic records, performances in the following nation-wide screening tests:

For Physics (Experimental and Theoretical): JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test), CSIR/UGC NET in Physics
For Biophysical Sciences: JGEEBILS (Joint Graduate Entrance Examination for Biology and Interdisciplinary Life Sciences) conducted by NCBS-TIFR, CSIR/UGC/DBT/ICMR NET 


The list shortlist of candidates will be published in this webpage. The shortlisted candidates will be called for interviews:

“ONLINE / In-person” for Physics

“In-person” for Biophysical Sciences

Shortlisted candidates will be informed by email also. Final selection of candidates will be based on their past records and interviews. Selected candidates will be informed by email and also through announcement in this web page.

Important Information
All candidates must apply through online portal with hall ticket number/rank/percentile marks of national level qualification tests JEST/JGEEBILS/NET etc. SINP holds full rights to select/not select a candidate at any stage of the selection process.

Fellowships and benefits
The selected students will be admitted as Junior Research Fellow (JRF).

₹37,000/- p.m. for JRF
₹42,000/- p.m. for SRF

Tenure: 4 years, extendable to the 5th year. Yearly renewals and 5th year extensions are subject to satisfactory performance.

Contingency, HRA, Medical benefits, etc. are as per extant rules.

Limited hostel accommodations are available.

Approximate number of Intake in 2024: 35

Visit this webpage regularly for all updates

For any query, contact the coordinators:

Theory: pmsc.phys[AT]
Expt: pmsc.exptphys[AT]


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