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Intake for August 2023

Merit List for post M.Sc. Admssion 2023-2024

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Theoretical Stream Experimental Stream
Merit List Merit List Merit List
 Institute Fellowship Institute Fellowship Institute Fellowship
phys/th/0236     UDDIPAN PAL
phys/th/0051    SOUMYA BERA
phys/th/0393    BABLI KHATUN
phys/th/0203    SHRABASTI BANERJEE
phys/th/0126    PRERAK GUPTA
phys/ex/0009     HARSH PRATAP SINGH
phys/ex/0105     SOUMALYA KUNDU
phys/ex/0166     PRERAK GUPTA
phys/ex/0049     PRASANTA DAS
phys/ex/0092     SHRABASTI BANERJEE
phys/ex/0185     LALTU GAZI
phys/ex/0197     KANAN VIJAY VIRKAR
phys/ex/0235     KOUSHIK GHOSH
phys/ex/0244     SIBAPRASAD JANA 
biop/0037     SUBHADEEP DAS
biop/0071     TANMOY DAS
biop/0052     BIPASA MANDAL
biop/0046     SANJOY NAYEK 
 Extramural Fellowship Extramural Fellowship Extramural Fellowship
phys/th/0290    SUMIT KUMAR JANA
phys/th/0006    NEMAI CHANDRA SARKAR
phys/ex/0420     MOUPRIYA ARU
phys/ex/0202     SHRIKANT KUMAR
phys/ex/0027     SAYAN MATHUR
biop/0065     RAJARSHI ROY
biop/0002     SREYA BASU
Waitlisted  Waitlisted  Waitlisted
phys/th/0146    SONAL
phys/th/0384    DEBAPRIYA SIL
phys/th/0190    MOHMMAD UBAID RATHER
phys/th/0313    SOUMEN PARI
phys/th/0405    NAJRUL ISLAM
phys/th/0291    ABHIJEET MISHRA
phys/th/0090    SURATH CHANDRA GHOSH
phys/th/0256    AZIZ HASAN
phys/th/0204    NIRABINDU GANGULY
phys/th/0167    DEBJOY PUJARY
phys/ex/0083     ARITRA DEY
phys/ex/0317     DHRUV JAIN
phys/ex/0277     AYAN HATUI
phys/ex/0220     TANUJA
phys/ex/0237     TANISH KAUR
phys/ex/0222     KUSHAGRA SRIVASTAV
phys/ex/0274     EKRAMUL HOQUE
phys/ex/0078     HRITIK SINGH
phys/ex/0394     NAJRUL ISLAM
phys/ex/0258     SAYANTAN GHOSH
phys/ex/0176     SUDIP GHOSH
phys/ex/0440     ARCHANA KUMARI
phys/ex/0091     KAYNAT FATIMA
phys/ex/0459     HEMANT SINGH
phys/ex/0094     NARENDRA S
phys/ex/0301     PUJA DAS
phys/ex/0153     MODHUMITA SARIKET
phys/ex/0389     SOURABH PANCHAL
phys/ex/0213     IZAZ AHAMED
phys/ex/0279     SUNIL KUMAR
phys/ex/0300     SANDIP DAS
phys/ex/0407     MEERA V
phys/ex/0253     DEEPESH KUMAR TIWARI
biop/0027     SUSMITA AKHULI
biop/0031     ARATRIKA GHOSAL
biop/0061     PRATYUSHA ADAK
biop/0054     SUTAPA GHOSH
biop/0013     SIMRAN NISHA
biop/0025     SUBHAJIT SARKAR
biop/0073     SANGITA DEY

  Theoretical Stream Experimental Stream

Interview dates

June 26-30, 2023
June 19-23, 2023
June 26-30, 2023
Shortlisting Criteria Ranks up to 150 in JEST or all UGC-CSIR NET- JRF(not LS) qualified or ranks up to 50 in GATE along with 60% and above marks in MSc final exam and 55% and above marks in Graduation(BSc)  . Ranks up to 200 in JEST or all UGC-CSIR NET- JRF(not LS) qualified or ranks up to 150 in GATE along with 60% and above marks in MSc final exam and 55% and above marks in Graduation(BSc) All UGC-CSIR NET- JRF(not LS),GATE,ICMR,JGEEBILS scores have also been considered along with 60% and above marks in MSc final exam and 55% and above marks in Graduation(BSc).

·     Students are invited to apply for the Ph D programme of SINP in Physics and Biophysical Sciences starting from August 2023 (2023-24 Session).
·     The curriculum starts with a pre-Ph D course work, called Post-M.Sc. programme.
·     For Physics stream, the Post M.Sc. Courses are channelled through two streams: Theoretical Physics and Experimental Physics.

Session will start from August 2023.

Last date for submission of application: 05-06-2023

·     Eligibility

Physics:  Master’s degree in Physics or 4 Yrs / 8 - Semester B.Sc.

Biophysical Sciences:  Master’s degree in Physics or Chemistry (with Life Science at 10+2 level)   or   
 Master’s degree in Life Sciences (with Chemistry and Mathematics at 10+2 level)   or  
4 Yrs / 8 - Semester B.Sc. or M.Tech. 
in Biotechnology (with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Life Science at 10+2 level).

Openings for Ph.D. may be available in the following broad areas:

Theoretical Physics Experimental Physics Biophysical Sciences Group
Quantum Condensed Matter Physics, Material Science (theoretical modelling),
Strongly correlated electron systems, Unconventional superconductors,

Topological superconductors, Many-body localization and quantum many-body
systems out of equilibrium,

Tensor Network Investigations of non-equilibrium quantum phases of matter in 2d,

Aspects of AdS/CFT and Quantum Field Theory,

Non-perturbative studies of strongly interacting systems
  • Condensed Matter Physics, Surface and Interface, Soft Matter Physics, Organic Semiconductors, Semiconductor materials & devices, Nanomagnetism,Spintronics,
    Exotic electronic structures, Spectroscopy and microscopy of nanostructures
  • Astroparticle Physics, dark matter search

  • Cold Atoms, Quantum Optics, Quantum Sensors
    • Nuclear Astrophysics, nuclear structure studies, nuclear Instrumentation, Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP), Experimental Particle Physics at ALICE & CMS, LHC data analysis, Detector physics
Cellular and Molecular Biology; Biophysics of macromolecules; single molecule biophysics; Epigenetic regulation in human diseases; Metabolomics in human diseases; Nanostructures and spectroscopy; Computational biology and protein design.

  • Students appearing in the final examinations for their Master’s degree during the current academic session may also apply.
  • However, their admission will be made provisional till they successfully obtain their final year mark sheet / Master’s degree certificate in compliance with the cut-off requirement of SINP screening procedure (to be announced later).

·   Application procedure

The eligible students can apply for the programmes only through online application 

Any other details will be announced in this web page.

·     Selection procedure

A shortlisting will be made based on previous academic records of the applicants, their performances in nation-wide screening tests which are listed below:

For Physics (Experimental and Theoretical):

  • Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST)
  • CSIR/UGC NET for JRF in Physics
For Biophysical Sciences:
  • Joint Graduate Entrance Examination for Biology and Interdisciplinary Life Sciences (JGEEBILS) conducted by NCBS-TIFR.

    A shortlist of candidates will be published in this webpage. The shortlisted candidates will be called for interviews to be held -
    • “ONLINE” for Physics
    • “OFFLINE/ In-person” for Biophysical Sciences
  • The shortlisted candidates will be informed by email also.
  • Final selection of candidates will be made on the basis of their past performances and interviews.
  • Selected candidates will be informed by email and also through announcement in this web page.

    Important Information

    Please note that candidates seeking admission to SINP PhD programs need to apply through online application portal with hall ticket number/rank/percentile marks of national level qualification tests like JEST, JGEEBILS and NET.
    SINP holds full rights to select/not select any candidate at any stage of the selection process.

    ·     Fellowships and benefits

    The selected students are admitted to Post M.Sc. as Junior Research Fellow (JRF).

    SINP fellowships for candidates:

    ₹31,000/- p.m. for 1st two years

    ₹35,000/- p.m. for subsequent years

    Tenure: Tenure: 4 years extendible to the 5th year. Yearly renewals and 5th year extensions are subject to satisfactory performances.

    Contingency, HRA, Medical benefit etc. are as per extant rules.

    For all candidates, limited hostel accommodation will also be available.

    ·     Approximate number of Intake

  • Candidates with SINP Fellowship: 20
  • Candidates with Extramural Fellowship: 15
  • Further details will be announced later

    Please visit this webpage regularly for updates

    For queries, contact the respective coordinators at[AT], pmsc.exptphys[AT], pmsc.phys[AT]



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