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Women Cell

1.  Prof. M. S.  Janaki                    ....   Presiding Officer(Extn.1201) e-mail:ms.janaki

2.  Prof. Maitreyee Saha Sarkar   ....   Member (Extn.:2366) e-mail:maitrayee.sahasarkar

3.  Prof. Oishee Chakrabarti         ....   Member(Extn.:4622) e-mail:oishee.chakrabarti

4.  Smt. Chandana Mitra                ....   Member(Extn.:1427) e-mail:chandana.mitra

5  Smt. Seema Bhattacharya        ....   Member Secretary(Extn.:1414) e-mail:seema.bhattacharya

6  Dr. Paramita Mukherjee,           ....   External Member, Head, Materials Science Division, VECC
7  Dr. Manlunching,                       ....   Member, Union Representative

8  Smt. Soma Roy,                         ....   Member, Union Representative



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