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Colloids as Model Systems to Study Structural, Dissipation and Transport Phenomena   Dr. Manas Khan 2016-02-18
Thermoelectric properties of doped Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3, Bi2Se3 single crystals and nanocomposits   Prof. Vladimir A. Kulbachinskii 2016-02-04
Phase-Transition Study of Spin-Phonon Systems by Worldline Quantum Monte Carlo Breaking Detailed Balance   Dr. Hidemaro Suwa 2016-01-28
Interplay of spin, lattice and orbitals in the 5d oxides: microscopic insight from first principles approach   Dr. Sudipta Kanungo 2016-01-21
Random Matrix Theory & Critical Phenomena   Dr. Joanna Hutchinson 2016-01-14
Applications of Physics in the Oilfield   Dr. Thilo Brill 2016-01-07
Materials for Energy Scavenging: A Computational Insight   Dr. Sudip Chakraborty 2015-12-31
Novel high Tc half-metallic phases and metal-insulator transitions in 3d-5d double perovskites   Dr. Prabuddha Sanyal 2015-12-22
Chiral magnetism, skyrmions and nanoscale superparamagetism in oxide interfaces   Dr. Sumilan Banerjee 2015-12-17
Statistical forces from nonequilibrium media   Dr. Urna Basu 2015-12-10
Topology and Transport in Periodically Driven Systems   Arijit Kundu 2015-04-07
Physics of long-range interacting systems   Shamik Gupta 2015-03-23
Are there quantum limits to diffusion in quantum many-body systems?Are there quantum limits to diffusion in quantum many-body systems?   Dr. Nandan Pakhira 2014-10-10
Quantum phase transition and quantum fidelity   Amit Dutta 2014-08-22
Phase Transitions in a System of Hard Rectangles on Lattices   Joyjit Kundu 2014-05-02
Transport signatures of Fractional Fermions in Nanowires   Arijit Saha 2014-01-29
Stochastic Michaelis-Menten kinetics at mesoscopic concentrations   Dr. Soma Saha 2013-08-19
Magnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductors   Akasah Chakraborty 2013-08-06
Microscopic mechanism of strain localisation in amorphous materials   Ratul Dasgupta 2013-07-12
Microscopic mechanism of strain localisation in amorphous materials   Ratul Dasgupta 2013-07-12
Ground state of the spin-1/2 Kagome antiferromagnet: A Contractor Renormalisation study   Ravi Chandra 2013-06-10
A route to high polarization multiferroics   Priya Mahadevan 2013-06-07
Junctions of topological insulators   Krishnendu Sengupta 2013-04-26
An analysis of the t2- V (or extreme anisotropic next-nearest-neighbor Heisen-berg) model   Y. Sudhakar 2013-04-12
Melting Scenario for Coulomb-interacting Classical Particles in Two-dimensional Irregular Confinements   Amit Ghosal 2013-04-05
Unconventional fractional quantum Hall states in the lowest Landau level with hollow-core correlation   S.S. Mandal 2013-03-15
Quantum phase transition of transition of light in coupled optical cavity arrays: A renormalization group study   Sujit Sarkar 2013-03-06
Transport through Andreev Bound States in a Graphene Quantum Dot   Siddhartha Lal 2013-03-01


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