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A magazine by Research Fellows of S.I.N.P

OffBeat is the wall magazine published by the research fellows of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics since March, 2004. Now we are trying to put the magazine on web. Presently, only the current issue is available on net. The previous issues of OffBeat will be made available online as soon as possible. Please follow the rules given below to submit your contribution to OffBeat:
1. Contributions from current students, faculties and employees and all previous members of the institute will be published in the magazine.
2. Contributions may be written in Bengali, Hindi or English.
3. Contributions are invited in the form of poems, articles, short stories and paintings.
4. Page limit: Maximum four A4 size papers (articles, short stories), maximum two A4 size papers (poems).
5. Submit your manuscript to : Subhajit Karmakar, MED, Room:125, Phone:2125 or
Sayan Chakrabarti, Theory, Room:363, Phone:2363.
6. Persons interested to submit e-version of the manuscripts should mail the manuscript to subhajit.karmakar AT, sayan.chakrabarti AT, preferably in .doc or .pdf or .jpg format.
7. Decision of the editorial board is final.
8. Manuscripts submitted to OffBeat will not be returned back.
9. Please don�t submit the same document if it has not been selected in any previous issue.
10. Any document published in OffBeat will be the property of the wall magazine committee.


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