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Plasma Physics

Shantanu Chowdhury

Room No : 102
Ext. : 1102
Email id : shantanu.chawdhuri[AT]
Division :
We have done  many experiments on Tokamak and Double layer plasma device.
On Tokamak we studied core turbulence,edge turbulence, runaway Tokamak discharge charecteristics, Transport and its relation with MHD, Magnetic turbulence, impurity measurements and analysis, ion energy analysis , intermiittency in transport (heat and particle). See publication details, conference details and documents in Gallery.
We have designed Deep Space Plasma Propulsion Experiment.(DSPPE).
On double layer we depicted 2D and 3D plasma potential and density contours. The ion beam behaviour with two maxwellians have been published giving contours of potential.
We have published details of plasma density.
We are performing experiments on drift waves in Argon and Helium plasma in the double layer device and published papers on upper drift modes.
See documents in Gallery and publication.


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