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Plasma Physics

Shantanu Chowdhury

Room No : 102
Ext. : 1102
Email id : shantanu.chawdhuri[AT]
Division :

I have joined SINP in 1985 as Engineer-C.
I was promoted to Engineer-D in 1991.
I was promoted to Engineer-E in 1997.
I was promoted to Engineer-F in 2007.
I was promoted to Engineer-G in 2014

I have joined SINP in 1985 in Plasma Physics division. I went to Japan for the training of Tokamak installation, operation and maintenance in1986
Tokamak was installed in SINP in 1987 and I took a leadership role.
Plasma duration was 3-4 mS at that time. We designed Audio frequency discharge cleaning system to get a clean plasma with very low resistivity.
With the help of additional Slow capacitor bank for toroidal,Joule Heating and vertical field coils we extended plasma duration for 20 mS. We performed experiments with plasma currents upto 75 kA maximum.
We have installed internal magetic probes, Electrical Langmuir probes, soft x-ray imaging camera, Hard x-ray detection system, microwave interferomery, retarding field ion- energy analyser system etc. for Tokamak.
We performed many experiments with Tokamak and it is running successfully for long 26 years till now. For publicaion and conference see the details. Also see documents in Gallery.
We have worked on Deep Space plasma prop[ulsion experiment(DSPPE).
We have installed Double layer device( DLX)  which depicts plasma behaviour in diverging magnetic field, See documents in Gallery and publication details.


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