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Nuclear Physics

Past Seminar

Title              :

Evidence for chiral symmetry breaking and octupole correlations in 124Cs

Speaker         : Mr. Selva Kumar,, IIT, Kharagpur
Date                : September 09, 2016
Time               : 12 noon
Venue            : Room No 208.
Abstract        :

Symmetry and symmetry breaking are fundamental problems in science. Chiral and reflection symmetry breaking widely exist in nature. Chiral symmetry breaking in atomic nuclei has attracted considerable attention and intensive discussion since it was first predicted by Prof. Frauendorf and Prof. Meng. Chirality in nucleus has been confirmed in experiment. The spontaneous reflection symmetry breaking occurs in nuclear with octupole (pear) shaped nucleus, which associates with to charge - parity (CP) violation due to physics beyond the standard model. In this talk, I would like to discuss about the chiral symmetry breaking and octupole correlations in atomic nuclei of mass 125 region. In particular, I will briefly discuss the experimental evidences which support chirality and octupole correlation phenomena in 124Cs nucleus.


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