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Nuclear Physics

Past Seminar

Title              :

Dark Matter Search Experiments: A Window to the Invisible World

Speaker         : Satyajit Saha, Applied Nuclear Physics Division
Date                : May 30, 2014
Time               : 4:00 PM
Venue            : Lecture Hall II, Auditorium Complex
Abstract        :

The research field of Astroparticle Physics, though originates from the discovery of Cosmic Rays at the beginning of 20th century, it is considered as an interdisciplinary science or a ‘young field of science’ in handling the research publications by the frontline science journals, and the various science advisory committees worldwide. In terms of the science goals that this particular research area addresses, it is an interdisciplinary field merging particle physics and cosmology that attempts to reveal the nature and structure of matter in the universe. Curiously enough, the handful of experiments, which are quite often large in the scale of dimensions, mass, time span it takes to arrive at a conclusion, and complexities involved, deal with measurement techniques and active media or sources, which are borrowed from different experimental areas of particle & nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, atomic physics, chemical science and many more. Astroparticle Physics in our country is also emerging as a growing research area with large scale experiments to address fundamental physics issues. In this lecture, attempt at design and setting up of a dark matter search experiment in India involving synergies with other fields of research, and the challenges involved will be highlighted.


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