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Mr. Kausik Das

Scientific Assistant
Room No : 3418
Ext. : 3418
Email id : kausik.das[AT]
Division :
From 2001 till date
  • Installed and managing two computational clusters using Rocks for the division.
    The first one was with 336 nodes and ~ 3.9 TFlops.
    The second one started with 48 nodes and now is a 96 nodes one with ~ .921 TFlops.

  • Written utility programs / scripts and packages in different languages.
  • Realtime Annual Report Preparation System is being developed. It takes input in predefined format and prepares a runtime online PDF report. The job was done for P & D Cell of SINP.
  • Coded/Coding various scripts for forms to input data through websites been written - mostly for refistration in conferences/schools like ECONOPHYSICS-KOLKATA (upto Season VII excepting IV), STATPHYS-Kolkata V & VII,CMDS-12, RTCMP of TCMP, SINP, ARCEBS-10, SElS-08,SINP, CMP2008, MRI, Allahabad etc.
  • AMaViS - Installed for departmental in December 2004 to cater the need of catching infected mails. It worked great. Presently Red Hat comes with AMaVis bundled inside.
  • CMP Mail - an Web based mail client for CMP division of SINP was developed using PHP, that runs on https and imaps. It ran on CMP groups mail server during 2005 but later SINP started using squirrel mail and it was dropped.
  • Homepages for SINP, SINP Library and Meghnad Saha Archive of SINP
  • Website for Submission of Online Form for JRF Examination, SINP
  • The first project at SINP was preparing a webpage with tabbed alphabatical list of journals subscribed by SINP It is here.

From 1998 till July 2001
  • Studied Payroll System [ Production Dependent ] for Jayashree Textiles Limited, An Aditya Birla Group Company. Assigned by : Paradox Labs, presently aRbionics.
  • Shared views and taken active part in Kolkata Metro Y2K project with Pentafour Communication's team. Main job was upgradation of SCO Unix 3.1 to Unixware 7.0[ I took interest in this part only ] and transfering MIS database from COBOL to 4GL system.
  • Enjoyed working with IBM AS/400 at Pentasoft Kolkata.
  • Member of system study and design of Inventory Maintenance and Invoice Raising System [Partly] including Purchase Order Generation, ISO Accounting oriented report and Bill of Material [ Production Unit ] for Macneill Engineering Limited.
  • Built up LAN network Macneill Engineering Limited with Floppy Disk bootable PCs.
  • Set up and Configured Post Master, a Corporate eMail Server for Macneill Engineering Limited and helped Chabria people to set up the same at various places.


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