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Detector Fabrication

Assembly Procedure

The main steps in the construction followed were:

Joining of the Frames on the Master plate.

1. Gluing the Ribs with Frame.

2. Cutting the cathode PCB boundary under the CCD camera.

3. Glue join of the cathode segmented PCBs over a flat(∼10µm) granite table.

4. Solder the flexible (Kapton) PCBs on Cathode PCB.

5. Glue the foam (Rohacell) to the Cathode PCB.

6. Joining the frames with the composite of Rohacell and Cathode PCB.

7. Gluing the mechanical exit board over composite made of frames and Rohacell sandwich.

8. Gluing of the Anode PCB’s to the groove on the non-bending sandwich.

9. Fixing the central point fixation on the non-bending sandwich.

10. Soldering of A node wires.


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