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Technical Members
Name Designation Room Ext. Email
Arup Kumar Polley Technician 4084
Asok Kumar Das Technician CPAB-7/8 4126
Gangadhar Maiti Technician CPAB-8 4126
Gobinda Pal Scientific Assistant CPAB-5 4124 gobinda.pal
Nilkanta Sinha Scientific Assistant CPAB-5 4124 nilkanta.sinha
Rajkumar Sengupta Engineer 78 4078 rajkumar.sengupta
siddhartha saha Engineer CPAB-7 4131 siddhartha.saha
Sisir Kumar Mondal Technician CPAB-5 4124 sisir.mondal
Subha Sankar Kundu Technician CPAB-7/8 4126
Sujoy Halder Scientific Assistant C.P.A.B.-5 4124 sujoy.halder
Sunil Murmu Technician CPAB-7/8 4126


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